Strictly Briks “Transparent Blocks” are a visually stunning new addition to the construction toys category. Strictly Briks is a company that creates briks and platforms in unique shapes, sizes, and colors. These briks connect with ease to LEGOs and pieces from similar companies, enabling kids to meld sets together to create endless play options. Each baseplate can easily be stacked vertically so it’s simple to build any structure your imagination can conjure up. Recently, the brand released a series of transparent blocks that reflect beautifully when light is shone upon them.

Product Details 

The transparent briks snap together easily and shine beautifully when a light is placed behind them. The set comes with six flat platforms and a bag of 672 pieces in an array of eight different colors and twelve unique shapes.

Strictly Briks

Strictly Briks crates a wide array of construction toys that can connect with other brands, too.

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Pros and Benefits 

These briks are easy to connect and fairly easy to disassemble if need be. These briks also connect well to other brands, like Legos, which makes them ideal add-ons to preexisting collections. They reflect beautifully in both sunlight and artificial light which makes them idea for creating elaborate “stained glass windows” and/or glass sculptures to decorate a block city.

Cons and Drawbacks

These blocks work exactly as advertised, but they cannot actually light up internally. Hence, to get their full benefit, it’s highly recommended that you purchase a set of white tea-lights to wrap around the buildings once they have been assembled. That is the only way to truly see the magnificence of the color payoff in these transparent bricks.

Strictly Briks

Strictly Briks created a transparent set that reflects really beautifully in bright lights.

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Fun Additional Ideas

These bricks offer a lot of option for hours of play. From building “ice sculptures” out of the blue bricks, to “stained glass windows” for otherwise standard block buildings, these pieces can also open the door to conversations about art, architecture, and more.

Final Recap 

The transparent Brik set retails for about $30. To learn more about the set of transparent blocks, visit the official website of Strictly Briks.

Strictly Briks

Strictly Briks come in a wide range of colors and shapes.

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