Great Pretenders is a Canadian-based costume and accessories company that focuses on producing high-quality outfits for children. Although they are best known for their highly detailed princess costumes for girls and finely-detailed accessories in the form of crowns, jewelry, and more, Great Pretenders also creates a robust line of dress-up outfits and accessories for boys. Among their latest releases, are a “Snake Sword” and “Knight Shield” set.

Product Details

The “Snake Sword” and “Knight Shield” are very finely detailed. For instance, the “Snake Sword” has a beautiful flamboyant golden-edged handle that tapers off into two-snake heads at the base. The “blade” portion of the sword resembles two entwined snakes and includes textured scales that lends the sword both visual appeal and wonderful texture. The “Knight Shield” is primarily black and red with accents of gold and silver. It depicts lions and fancy filigree shapes that look as if they stepped directly out of a Shakespearian play. The shield can be gripped and/or worn via two strong and well-secured fabric strips on the back.

Knight Shield, Snake Sword, Great Pretenders

The very detailed Knight Shield and Snake Sword by Great Pretenders.

Pros and Benefits

The “Snake Sword” and “Knight Shield” are made with a soft foamy plastic which is comfortable to hold and sniff enough to handle some rough play, but not hard enough to hurt anyone. In fact, the sword is so well padded that it would be difficult to hurt anyone with it, even if you hit them hard. The beautiful details of the items (the sword is especially well designed) will surely appeal to children and bring them right into the role-play feel of the items.

Cons and Drawbacks

While there are few drawbacks to the “Knight Shield,” the “Snake Sword” could be dangerous if the tip of the sword hits someone’s eye. Hence, parents should be mindful to tell children never to hit their “opponents” in the face with the sword, even if they are just playing. Other than that, these items are very safe and entirely harmless when used responsibly.

Sword, Shield, Great Pretenders

An example of a sword and shield set by Great Pretenders.

Fun Additional Ideas

The “Snake Sword” and “Knight Shield” can open the door to hours of play. If another child is dressed up as a princess or a dragon, these items could even be used to produce a play such as “King Arthur.” Moreover, these items can lead to conversations about history and/or snakes (namely, cobras) to deepen children’s understanding of the symbols.

Final Recap

The “Snake Sword” retails for $15 and the “Knight Shield” sells for $24. To learn more, visit the Great Pretenders website.

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