DIY (“Do-It-Yourself”) projects are growing in popularity among both adults and children. Young girls are especially partial to playsets that require imagination, design skills, and the ability to envision and customize items to suit their individual preferences. One of the newest and coolest offerings in the “Do-It-Yourself” craze is a brand called “Sweetlings” by ALEX Brands. The series enables girls to decorate a number of cute dessert-inspired figurines using an icing-like clay paste that air dries. Given its originality, cuteness, and emphasis on glitter, Sweetlings will certainly appeal to crafty girls who are over the age of three.

Sweetlings Set

Sweetlings sets come with a lot of tools to enable you to create and decorate cute characters.

Product Details

Sweetlings is a series of dessert figurines that are decorated via pastel-colored “icing” which is actually a sculpt-able and air-drying form of clay. After “icing” the desserts, girls are encouraged to further decorate them with glitter, beads, and trinkets that come in the sets. Sweetlings includes a whole range of characters with unique personalities. The most expensive set in the line is the “DIY Sweetlings Sprinkle Shop Gold Sparkle Shimmerling Craft Kit” which retails for $34.99 (simpler models in the series can sell for as little as $5) and comes with three characters, lots of decorations, a lazy-susan setup for easy rotation, a variety of frosting tips, a tweezer, a glitter sprinkler, and a storage box for all the accessories and instructions.

Pros and Benefits

First and foremost, Sweetlings get high marks simply for being cute. Each colorful figurine is undeniably adorable which makes them desirable to display and collect. Since the figures are quite small, it is also easy to exhibit many models on a single shelf. The toys encourage creativity and enable kids to create unique characters that are both visually appealing and individual.

Cons and Drawbacks

Sweetlings are certainly cute but they are absolutely targeted more for girls than boys. Moreover, the icing-like paste can be a little messy and it can be difficult for the figures to turn out exactly as they look on the box. These kits also come with a lot of glitter and small pieces that can easily get lost, so they must be prepared in a work section that can be easily tidied. If you are a neat-freak, then this is not the series for you. My biggest compliant is that the color tubes are quite small and often limited. The brand should release a pack of large tubes of clay in an array of colors. As it stands, the tubes that come in the boxes will run out quickly, especially if numerous girls are playing with the toy at the same time.

Sweetling Kits

Sweetlings are a popular series that have produced several different sets.

Fun Additional Ideas

Given that Sweetlings inspire imagination, children can have hours of fun making their own unique styles. Moreover, although the sets come with characters, children can make their own unique names and personalities, thus “adding” to the line using only their creativity. Once the figurines are completely dried, they can also be played with like figures in a play-set and/or star in stop motion animation videos.

Final Recap

“DIY Sweetlings Sprinkle Shop Gold Sparkle Shimmerling Craft Kit” retails for $34.99 and smaller sets retail for as little as $5. To learn more, visit the official website of ALEX Brands.

Girls playing with Sweetlings

Sweetlings are especially popular among girls.