Card games have been beloved for centuries and are known to be useful in teaching counting skills and strength cognition. Yet now two new card games are able to teach children social and emotional issues in a fun and seemingly effortless way. “Super Me!” and “Monkey, May I?” are two unique card games that instill concepts such as empathy, social skills, self-control, and self-awareness in young players.

Product Details 

Intended for children ages four to six, “Super Me!” and “Monkey May I?” are colorfully illustrated with playfully cartoonish depictions of people and animals. In “Super Me!”, children learn empathy and how to help others by matching special “Super Me!” cards to emergency cards that best describe how to help the person depicted in the emergency card. “Monkey, May I?” helps children make good decisions by rewarding them for choosing examples of good behavior over examples of bad behavior. Both “Super Me!” and “Monkey, May I?” were recently named Mom’s Choice Awards recipients.

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“Monkey, May I?” teaches children about topics such as manners.

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Pros and Benefits 

Both games are very simple to set up, easy to learn and can be played in 15 minutes or less. They each contain two levels of challenging play so the games can be played with a range of ages. They also encourage a lot of storytelling and discussions, which is truly valuable to emotional growth.

Cons and Drawbacks

These sets have very few cons or drawbacks. Being able to use these sets to discuss complicated emotions and things that have happened to them is a rare find in the game industry.

Card games

“Super Me!” is a card game that teaches children about the proper way to behave when faced with challenging situations.

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Fun Additional Ideas

These card sets are a great way to teach manners. They are also a fantastic way to discuss emotions, social issues, and other heartfelt topics in a way that is comfortable and accessible

Final Recap 

These games retail for $5.99. To learn more about “Super Me!” and “Monkey, May I?” visit the official website of Hoyle Play.

Also, Bicycle Playing Cards (the umbrella company of Hoyle) recently released their revamped version of the “How to Play” app. The app includes step by step instructions to more than 75 cards games and a special search function to help find the perfect game for any family occasion.

Card games

Hoyle is the company that makes these two wonderful card games, plus many other wonderful items.

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