Splashlings are a series of mermaid-themed toys that also boast their own animation series. Created by Mike Bowling—the man behind the famous “Pound Puppy” line—Splashlings have a cute sea theme and many blind boxes and playsets full of playfully named creatures. Most recently, the series released two travel-sized seashell playsets that resemble the classic “Polly Pocket” line.

Product Details 

There are currently two pocket-sized seashell playsets in the “Splashlings” line. One is a purple shell called “Dream Time Shell” and a pink shell called “Snack Time Shell”.

The “Dream Time Shell” has a bedroom aesthetic and includes a cute bed with a starfish-themed blanket and a swirled shell pillow design. The set also comes with a blonde mermaid named Ava, a sleepy-looking fish called “P.J. Nightly” and a teddy bear with a mermaid tale named “Teddy Bearacuda.” The set also comes with a bedside table and a detachable jellyfish nightlife.

The “Snack Time Shell” has a kitchen aesthetic and includes a cute dining table, oven, kitchen shelf, two shell seats, and a dining set of two bowls, a cup, and a tiny spoon. The set also comes with a brunette mermaid named Pasha, an orange fish named “Susea Chef” and a purple octopus named “Hungry Howard.”

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Splashlings currently has two “Shell Playsets” on the market. This pink one is kitchen-themed.

Pros and Benefits 

These sets are well designed with a consistent undersea theme. They are detailed, cute, and very pleasing to look at. They close easily and are very lightweight and easy to transport. They are also clearly highly collectible.

Cons and Drawbacks

The biggest drawbacks with these sets is that they contain small pieces which can get lost fairly easily if you are not careful. Also, if these pieces are not situated into the shell correctly, it can be difficult to get the shells to click all the way closed. Also, it’s strange that the two sets are priced differently even though they are the same size and contain the same number of characters.

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Splashlings purple “Shell Playset” is bedroom themed.

Fun Additional Ideas

These sets are a great way to introduce children to mermaid mythology and introduce some basic information about different kinds of fish and other sea creatures. These sets can also encourage a lot of creative play.

Final Recap 

The “Dream Time Shell” retails for $23.99. The “Snack Time Shell” retails for $21.99. To learn more about the Splashlings pocket sized playset, visit their official website.

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Splashlings playsets come with cutely-named characters.