“Sequence” is a board that uses tokens and cards to operate. The board shows all the cards (except for the Jacks) of two standard 52-card decks, laid in a 10 x 10 pattern. The four corners are free spaces and count for all players equally. The players compete to create rows, columns or diagonals of five connected checkers placed on the cards that the player has laid down. Two-eyed Jacks are wild, while one-eyed Jacks allow an opponent’s checker to be removed. The game ends when someone has reached a specified number of connections—such as getting five in a row twice.

Product Details 

“Sequence” comes with three bags of playing chips—red, green, and blue—and two cars decks. Both the chips/tokens and the cards are rendered in fine details. It is intended for players ages seven and up and for between two and twelve players.

Pros and Benefits 

This game requires you to use both cards and chips and, throughout play, you have to concentrate on what you’re doing. Hence, it requires you to stay alert and aware and use your brain. Although it seems a bit daunting at first, it’s very easy to learn.

Cons and Drawbacks 

This game can be repetitive so it might be hard to retain the attention of younger players. Also, if too many people are playing, the board can get filled up quickly and so it might be more difficult to keep track of everyone’s moves.

Fun Additional Ideas 

This game can lead to conversations about the history of card games, the decorations on decks, and the other kinds of games that can be played with a standard deck.

Final Notes 

“Sequence” retails for $13.99. To learn more, see here.


Sequence is a somewhat complex game that is surprisingly easy to learn.

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