Building and construction-themed toys never go out of style and the new kits in the PowerClix® series by Guidecraft are perfect examples of well-designed construction kits that will fascinate children with their bright colors and unique shapes while impressing parents authors their incredible safety features.

Product Details 

PowerClix® Frames have colorful, translucent plastics and geometric shapes that easily attach to each other via magnetic ball bearings along every corner. Intended for children ages four and older, these blocks are completely gender-neutral as they hold equal appeal to both boys and girls.

Pros and Benefits 

The blocks are colorful, lightweight, and easy to assemble which makes them prime for open-ended play and building creativity skills. The many different shapes lead to an array of play options and, although there are many kits in the line, they can all be connected and combined to create one massive collection. The instructions that come with these kits are easy to understand so children can build what is suggested but are also encouraged to build things from their own imaginations too.

Cons and Drawbacks

There are few outright cons to these blocks except that the figures you are constructing can fall down easily if they are not built up from a secure base. However, this teaches children solid building concepts so it’s not really a true “drawback” per se.

Fun Additional Ideas

PowerClix® sets are an excellent way to teach children about shapes, colors, and fundamental building principles. It would also be fun to have children create abstract forms with these blocks and therefore use the blocks to open up discussions about abstract art.

Final Recap

The PowerClix® sets retail for between $40 to $140 depending on piece count. To learn more, visit the official Guidecraft website.

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PowerClix Sets

PowerClix Sets can be combined to give the builder more options.