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PLAYFOAM Pals by Educational Insights are a brand new and truly unique series of toys. Figurines are one of the most popular kinds of toys in existence and molding foam has also become increasingly popular over the past few years. Hence, a new line by Educational Insights called “PLAYFOAM Pals” has made a clever move in combining both play patterns. Moreover, the characters can be disassembled and mixed and matched to create all new hybrid characters.

Product Details

In total, there are twelve unique characters in Series 1 (which is the only one on the market at the moment) and six unique colors of Playfoam: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The characters are hidden deep inside the Playfoam so to get to them, you have to reach into the pod, pull out a plastic bag, and claim the toy.

Playfoam Pals

Playfoam Pals come packaged in moldable foam that comes in six bright colors.

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Pros and Benefits 

“PLAYFOAM Pals” are ideal for pretend play which develops social and communication skills, encourages creativity and imagination, and enable kids to sculpt Playfoam repeatedly which develops fine motor skills. The Playfoam is easy to sculpt and relatively mess-free.

PLAYFOAM is running a giveaway with us! Enter HERE!

Cons and Drawbacks

These are blind bags, so you will never know what you’re getting. Hence, it will be easy to get a duplicate. If you mold two different hues of Playfoam together there will likely be some color transfer. PLAYFOAM may also transfer color stain to fabric, carpet, and plastic. It should be kept away from open flame.

Playfoam Pals

Playfoam Pals are “blind boxes” so you won’t know which character you’ve got until you open the container of foam!

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Fun Additional Ideas 

There are limitless ways to have fun with this set since children can use the Playfoam to build whatever they have in their imaginations. It’s also fun to create an array of different creatures by mixing and matching the figurines and then documenting names and behaviors for the new species.

Final Notes

Each kit includes two mystery pods and is priced at $7.99 per pack making them quite affordable and easily collectible. To learn more, visit the official website of Educational Insights and its Amazon page.

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Playfoam Pals

Playfoam Pals have twelve unique characters in Series 1.


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