Pillow Pets recently released their newest series called “Sleeptime Lites.” Night lights and stuffed toys are both fantastic tools of comfort that help soothe children to sleep. Pillow Pets is a line of toys that combined cute stuffed characters with pillows, essentially creating plush animals that children can lay their heads on comfortably. Now the brand has taken their unique sleep-focused vision a step further by releasing a new series called “Sleeptime Lites” that double as nightlights.

Product Details 

The characters in the “Sleeptime Lights” series are cheerful and colorful. There is a pink unicorn, three adorable dinosaurs, a moose, a fox, several dogs, and even an array of licensed animals. The toys light up brightly in several colors and project the star pattern very clearly.


Sleeptime Lights

Sleeptime Lights project many beautiful colors.

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Pros and Benefits 

The toys in this series are cute, extremely soft, and light up as brilliantly and colorfully as advertised. Given the wide array of character options, there are selections that will appeal to both boys and girls. They are lightweight and will travel very easily so they can be taken along on trips without a problem. The lights switch on and off easily and can be timed to shut off automatically after twenty minutes to save battery life. There are also several modes to make the lights fade on and off. Best of all, the stars project in a rainbow of colors and cycle to different hues to keep children’s interest

Cons and Drawbacks

These toys require three AAA batteries to operate and a screwdriver is needed to open the latch. Since no batteries are included, they cannot be played with right out of the box. You also must be very careful to keep these out of the rain since the electronic side of them cannot handle water at all.


Sleeptime Lights

Sleeptime Lights soothe children to sleep.

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Fun Additional Ideas

This series is very cute and soothing. It’s a great way to speak to children about the process of sleep and the reasons why people get sleepy. These toys are also a fantastic way to relax while staring up at the lights projected on a wall, ceiling, or blanket.

Final Recap 

“Sleeptime Lites” retail for $24.99. To learn more, see here.

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