Mancala is a game that has been in existence for thousands of years old, dating back to ancient Egypt. Legend has it that workers played the game during rest periods while building the pyramids. But the game is great for modern times as well–it has gained new popularity as one of the world’s most intriguing and clever two-player games. Now Pressman Toys has released a fun kids version that includes colorful and transparent animal figurines.

Product Details 

The special kids edition of “Mancala” replaces gemstones with cute plastic animals. To play, place all the animals in the pockets of the board. When it’s your turn, choose a pocket and scoop up all the animals in it, then drop them back into the pockets one-by-one as you circle the board. With just a few easy rules to follow, the object is to collect the most animals by the end of the game. All the pieces go back inside the game unit, which folds up for easy storage. This set includes: one high quality wood hinged playing board, forty-eight colorful animal playing pieces and complete instructions.

Pros and Benefits 

This game is excellent to teach the principles of clever strategy. It’s easy to learn how to play and even easier to fold up and store. Although intended for two players, it is possible to play alone as well. Although this game can be enjoyed by six-year-olds, it’s also enjoyable for older kids and adults. There is a tranquil and relaxing quality about the repetitiveness of the play and the sound of the figurines hitting against one another.

Cons and Drawbacks 

Although this game is easy to learn, it takes some patience and can be a bit repetitive. Hence, it might be difficult to retain the attention of younger players for any length of time.

Fun Additional Ideas 

This game is an excellent opportunity to discuss history and disclosure some facts about the animals who the figurines represent.

Final Note

“Mancala” retails for about $12. To learn more, see here.


“Mancala for Kids” features cute figurines in animal shapes.

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