Monkeys are popular and beloved animals which have proven very popular in children’s media. A prime example of monkeys working well as children’s characters can be seen in “Jumpin’ Monkeys,” a game that has been delighting children for over two decades and was recently re-released by Pressman-Goliath.

Product Details 

“Jumpin’ Monkeys” is no standard board game. Instead of a board, players assemble a giant tree and then use a catapult to land each of their monkey figurines into the tree. The game can be played with up to four players—red, yellow, green, and blue sets—and everyone gets four monkeys in their set to launch into the tree in search of bananas. Intended for ages five and up, this adorable game is unique and enjoyable.

Pros and Benefits 

This game is very easy to play and is a lot of fun. It can be enjoyed by people of various ages and it’s fun to make up unique characters for the monkey figurines. It’s quick setup and take-down is a plus and children will surely enjoy the unique style of gameplay.

Cons and Drawbacks

This game is very quick to play so it doesn’t take long to be over. That said, it’s fun to play round after round. The monkey figurines are cute but they are on the small side and no extras are included—so be careful not to lose any!

Fun Additional Ideas

This game is a good way to strengthen hand-eye coordination. It also is a good way to introduce simple physics, by noting that the pressure applied to the catapult directly affects how far the monkeys will fly. Moreover, this set is a great discussion starter about all the different species of monkeys and facts associated with them.

Final Recap 

“Jumpin’ Monkeys” retails for only $11 which is incredibly reasonable, especially for such a joy-inducing game. To learn more, see here.

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Jumpin’ Monkeys

“Jumpin’ Monkeys” uses and easy-to-assemble plastic tree and several monkey figurines to produce a lot of fun!