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The team at Indian Moms Connect recently sent us their Treasure Box for review.  The Treasure Box kits are designed for children aged between four  to six. This meant that I got to review this box with a cutesy neighbor’s kid, since my own kids were past this age!

As you can see, the kits are designed to present a fair bit of challenge for kids that age. There is ample opportunity to employ and refine both fine and gross motor skills along with a healthy dose of interesting reading thrown in.

The Treasure Box Kit

The Treasure Box Kit

What we loved about the box was that it came with an unusual theme called ‘Ladakh’, one of the most exotic tourist spots of India. The box was peppered with delightful activities for 4-5-year-olds with a lot of background about the place they have themed it on.

For example: Take a look at this!

The kit doesn’t address any formal lessons but includes lots of materials that intend to work the child’s hands and mind in sync. The kids(my own kids helped this 4-year-old) loved the way the boxes had to be cut out(which are great for fine motor skills.)



The animal puzzle box was a great hit too!

While cutting out the sides of the boxes was at an appropriate skill level,  there are a good amount of challenge built into them while folding them up into boxes( which required help from us).



At the final stage, when the boxes stacked up to form an animal, they were elated.


Both the cutting of the animals and The animals featured on the boxes came with material that offered special info about them.

What I loved most about the box was that it carried an activity with a cultural highlight of Ladakh. Consider this: The



The kids loved the idea of the fabric squares and let their creativity go on the loose!



Our peace prayer flag in progress!




And then we found a story-book that was refreshingly informative on one animal of Ladakh- “Bumboo – the obstinate donkey.”

All of the materials can also be used for other projects. I love how organized the kit was. The only downside we noticed was that the cutting out of the animals for boxes could have used some dotted lines for clarity. Other than that, the kit was immensely enjoyable. The fact-based activities made it an interested read for adults too!

IMC Treasure Box Kits are designed for several age groups and are located in the US. Their kits carry an Indian flavor. You can also find IMC Treasure Box Kits here.  They are currently running a 20% off promotional offer too!


The promo code is “EMAIL20.”


They have some interesting themes coming up for the festive season. Check them out here!

Thank you to Indian Moms Connect for the opportunity to review this product. We thoroughly enjoyed it!