Building and construction-themed toys never go out of style yet the “Grippies® Windows” by Guidecraft add a truly unique spin to the traditional concept of a building block set. Essentially, each “block” contains a transparent (yet colorful) “window” that can act as a kind of plastic stained glass when placed in the light.

Product Details 

Grippies® Windows are a set of 16 pieces (8 windows and 8 balls) that encourage children to create 2D and 3D figures. The “window” sections are made with thick plastic but are easy to see through and very pigmented. The sides of each windowed piece include tactile grips and over-molded plastic which are soft and easy for little hands to hold. Intended for kids 18 months and older, this set is a great way to peak little children’s interest in light and color.

Pros and Benefits 

Grippies® Windows introduce children to light and color exploration, along with early STEM skills. The blocks are sturdy and easy to stack thanks to the magnetics infused safety within them. The magnets in the blocks help kids discover magnetic principles while the transparent portions teach about properties of light, and color recognition through multiple building and patterning activities.

Cons and Drawbacks

There are few outright drawbacks to this set except to say that the figures you are constructing can fall down easily if they are not built up from a secure base. However, this teaches children solid building concepts so it’s not really a true “drawback” per se.

Fun Additional Ideas

Given that these blocks have transparent centers that respond to light, these blocks are a great way to introduce children to artistic construction concepts such as stained-glass windows. They are also fabulous for encouraging kids to recognize different hues and becoming familiar with them.

Final Recap 

“Grippies® Windows” retail for about $40. To learn more, visit the official Guidecraft website.

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Grippies Windows

Grippies Windows illuminate light beautifully.