Window art is a great way to brighten up any home and the new “Emoji Window Art” kit by Faber Castell gives children the opportunity to create home decor using their favorite emoji characters in an array of bright and shimmery colors.

The complete set includes six large tubes of sparkling window paint, a dimensional paint liner, and more than forty emoji images, plastic painting sheets and dimensional add-on accents. Creators can peel and stick their completed glittery emoji art to their notebooks, planners, windows, mirrors and more. Moreover, you can add the included wiggly eyes for fun 3-D effects.

Recently product designer Kathleen discussed the creation of 3D Sand Art and her hopes for its future.

Faber Castell

This kit enables children to make beautiful window decorations.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you initially get interested in art and how did that turn into designing art kits?

Kathleen: STEAM was always something that my parents felt strongly about! I got interested in art at a young age and took private drawing lessons from 3rd grade up until I graduated from High School. I studied to get my BFA and have been working in the arts ever since!

MM: How did you come to work with Faber-Castell?

Kathleen: Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens were my go-to drawing pens in college. I LOVED the brush tip and the vibrant colors they produced. Once I learned that Faber-Castell had a location in Cleveland, I knew I had to apply!

MM: How different was the prototype to the finished product?

Kathleen: We played around with a lot of different ideas and images before settling on these particular emoji faces. Our research includes asking kids what their favorite emojis are! By far, the winner is the rainbow poop!

MM: What made you decide to create an emoji set?

Kathleen: We’ve had past success with both window art and emoji themed graphics. Kids love emojis!

MM: What are some of the coolest creations you’ve seen people make with the paint?

Kathleen: You can draw anything you want! I love seeing designs with the fun googley eyes added. They add a special touch to all the designs.

MM: What sorts of reactions have you gotten about the product?

Kathleen: Kids LOVE the Rainbow Poop!

* * * * *

The “Emoji Window Art” set retails for $16. To learn more, see here.

Faber Castell

Contents of the set.

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