Dr.Panda is a top-quality producer of app games for children. The company is excited to announce the March 8th launch of their latest open-play app game titled “Restaurant 3.” This fun virtual game enables kids to play the role of chef and serve their best dishes to customers. The app is intended for children between the ages of five and eight and will be available via The App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore. This app is a nice addition to the colorful and cute world of Dr. Panda which is full of interesting characters, pretty visuals, cheerful music, and no advertisements.

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Dr Panda, Game, App

Customers in “Dr. Panda Restaurant 3.”

App Details

“Dr. Panda: Restaurant 3” gives players a lot of options for the meals they chose to prepare. They can include ingredients, chop, fry, bake or BBQ and utilize the condiments to customize and perfect dishes! On top of creating customized dishes, players can also manage the restaurant, present their specialized menus to guests, and serve the dishes to hungry diners. In this new and exciting game, children can also interact with fun Dr. Panda characters with newly refreshed animation style.

Pros and Benefits

This game is cute and very age-appropriate for the target audience. The characters respond with funny sounds and facial expressions when you tap on them. In fact, the interactivity of this game is even more encompassing than that of past editions. For instance, the ability to virtually create a pizza by spreading the dough, adding the sauce, and sprinkling on the cheese is a nice touch. You can also fry food in a pot, grill it, and cut it up on a chopping block. If you don’t like the results, you can even throw it away via a trash bin! There are several kinds of knives to choose from and, just like in real life, they all cut the foods differently. If you stand in the kitchen for a few seconds and don’t do anything, little visual cues and sound effects will prompt you towards a certain area to keep play going. Yet it is the little visual elements–like the hungry birds who perpetually mooch by the windows–that really give this game its charm.

Cons and Drawbacks

While this game is a lot of fun, it can be repetitive after preparing a handful of meals. I also wish that the characters had more of a reaction–good or bad–when their meals were served to them. The action takes place only in the kitchen or the restaurant seating area which somewhat limits play. That said, this is a “restaurant” game and it works exactly as advertised.

Dr Panda, Game, App

“Dr. Panda Restaurant 3” virtually lets players prepare meals in a kitchen setting.

Fun Additional Ideas

This game is a fantastic way to get children interested in cooking. It can be used as a platform to teach little ones about recipes, healthy foods, the various kinds of cooking styles, and even how running a restaurant business works. Just like most of the offerings in the Dr. Panda line, this app game can be the gateway to fabulous conversations.

Final Recap

“Dr. Panda Restaurant 3” is free to download as of today in the App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore. with an option to unlock the Chef’s Pack for US$4.99 or unlock separately ranging from US$1.99-$2.99. To learn more, visit the official website of Dr. Panda.


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