“Discovery Shapes” are an excellent new toy. Colors and blocks hold much appeal to small children and the new “Discovery Shapes” set by Guidecraft is an excellent example of a block set that truly promotes an interest in color and hues in little children.

Product Details 

Discovery Shapes help children exercise fine motor skills and promote sensory exploration and color recognition. The thirty-two blocks in the set are translucent and acrylic. They contain four unique shapes and matching bases in four bright colors (red, yellow, green, and blue) and they are great for individual or group play—especially on a light board. Easily recognizable shapes of triangles, circles, squares, and plus signs nest in their corresponding tiles which prompt children to engage in multiple sorting, matching and sequencing games that they will love to play using the chunky pieces.

Pros and Benefits 

These blocks are vibrantly colored and solidly built so they will not break easily. Intended for children ages three and older, these blocks are completely gender-neutral as they hold equal appeal to both boys and girls. They also come in an easy-to-carry sack.

Cons and Drawbacks

The only true drawback to this otherwise wonderful set is that it doesn’t come with a light board and, without one, kids will not get the full value of the color payoff, especially when it comes to “making” colors like orange when you place a red piece on the yellow base. Although the blocks can be enjoyed sans a light board, they look much nicer on one.

Fun Additional Ideas

These blocks are very simple to play with but they truly will interest young children in things like shapes, colors, textures and sorting. They are ideal toys to play sorting games with and teach children concepts such as patterns. Fun game idea: Have your child reach into the bag, find a shape, and then without looking, they can use their tactile sense to find the matching shape.

Final Recap 

“Discovery Shapes” retails for about $50. To learn more, visit the official Guidecraft website

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Discovery Shapes

Discovery Shapes are transparent and reflect beautifully in the sun.