Crystal Jewelry has long been popular with young women. Jewelry making and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits are becoming increasingly popular in the toy industry. One of the most unique new sets is the “Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry” by Faber-Castell. This set essentially enables kids to create and color jewelry based on crystals (rocklike in formation) that they grow themselves.

Product Details

This set enables kids to grow, paint and wear crystals to reflect your moodIncludes 112.5 grams of alum powder to make 6+ large or 15+ small to medium crystalsPaint with 12 different colors and included paint brushCreate beautiful jewelry pieces with findings for three necklaces, two rings, two pins and a pair of earrings and enough mixture to have extra crystals to spare.

Pros and Benefits 

This kit can create some very unique and colorful jewelry. The crystals set quickly and have a nice three-dimensional texture that is typical of crystals. The dyes color the crystals beautifully and really add visual appeal.

Cons and Drawbacks

This kit can be very messy to set up. The other issue is that the crystal can set in a single solid rounded shape (matching the container) rather than separate pieces. Also, it can break apart fairly easily which can make it difficult to upkeep the jewelry.

Fun Additional Ideas 

This set is a great way to introduce children to conversations about jewelry making, crystals, stones, and even some basic earth science lessons. It can even lead to some interesting lessons about basic earth science.

Final Notes
This kit retails for $14.99. To learn more, visit the official website of Faber-Castell.

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Crystal Jewelry

The kit helps kids create and color their own Crystal Jewelry.