Owning a pet is something that is generally considered to be very beneficial for children and families alike. Loving and caring for an animal helps to instill feelings of empathy and compassion and heighten one’s sense of responsibility. HEXBUG, a producer of technology-savvy toys, understands how important pets are to people. After receiving numerous reports concerning cats being amused by their items, HEXBUG released a line of cat toys which has since skyrocketed into popularity for the amusement and joy they bring to both the cats and the people who love them.



The “Remote Control” mouse cat toy by HEXBUG.

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Product Details

The three main toys in the HEXBUG cat line are the “Nano Robotic Cat Toy,” the “Mouse Robotic Cat Toy” (which comes in both white and a grayish-brown) and the all new “Remote Control Mouse.” All of these toys operate using tiny batteries (which can be purchased on the HEXBUG website) and move at a rapid pace that will keep cats entertained for hours on end.

Pros and Benefits

The “Nano Robotic Cat Toy” looks like HEXBUG’s staple line of “Nano” items except the cat toy version comes complete with a fabric feathery-like tail that will keep cats chasing after it as the Nano frantically zooms around the floor. To switch it on or off, simply turn it upside down and flip the switch. However, do note that these toys trend to keep going, so the battery can run out fairly quickly if the cat plays with it constantly.

The “Mouse Robotic Cat Toy” works much like the Nano version, in that it comes with a switch on the bottom. However, this cat toy is much cuter and resembles an actual mouse with big ears, a tail, whiskers, a cute pink nose, and two button eyes. Better yet, these toys are designed to stop after running across the floor for a few seconds but start running again if the cat swats them. However, after a certain amount of time without interaction, they will automatically shut off to preserve the batteries.


The HEXBUG “nano” is used as a toy for both kids and–with the feather attached–cats.

The new “Remote Control Mouse” is the newest item in the cat toy line and easily the best model. The package comes with one mouse (white ones, as of now) and a little remote control to guide it. Switch the mouse on and then use the remote to make it go forward, backwards, right, left or spin around. As it “runs” it makes a little whirring noise that truly drives cats batty. The remote is easy to handle and seamlessly guides the mouse from place to place, making it an absolutely ideal plaything for felines.

All of these toys come with the batteries included so they are ready to be played with from right out of the box.

Cons and Drawbacks

There are few drawbacks to these toys other than that the batteries can run out rather quickly and can be difficult to find if you do not purchase refills directly from the company. Aside from that, the only true complaints are that cats can swat these toys under furniture and–with the exception of the remote-controlled mouse–they can be difficult to find and rescue. All that being said, these are among the finest cat toys on the market today and anyone who shares their home with an energetic feline should certainly consider giving these items a try.


HEXBUG’s “nano” toys are great for cats when they have a feather attached on the back!

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Fun Additional Ideas

Children love playing with their pets and so it would be a fun project to construct an “obstacle course” made of cardboard boxes and paper bags for these little toys to run through with your cat–or cats–in hot pursuit. Watching a cat play with these items is also a good way to induce conversations about cat behavior to children which opens the door for discussion about nature, ecosystems, and other science-related topics.

Final Recap

The “Nano Robotic Cat Toy” retails for around $8. The “Mouse Robotic Cat Toy” (both the white version and a grayish-brown model) sell for approximately $12. Finally, the new and extremely impressive “Remote Control Mouse” model is typically priced at $20. To learn more, visit the below links:

nano Robotic Cat Toy:


Remote Control Cat Toy:


Mouse Robotic Cat Toy:


HEXBUG.com Cat Toys: https://www.hexbug.com/pettoy?utm_source=Referral&utm_medium=Blogger&utm_campaign=Kidskintha

HEXBUG.com: https://www.hexbug.com/?utm_source=Referral&utm_medium=Blogger&utm_campaign=Kidskintha

HEXBUG Cats Toys

The HEXBUG “Mouse” is battery operated.

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