Boogie Board is a company that is proud to call itself the world’s leader in eWriters. Their most recent item is called the “Blackboard” and it writes and erases electronically using no ink or paper. However, this most recent Blackboard model is revolutionary since it adds a significant number of new innovations, including its proprietary “Liquid Crystal Paper” feature set which creates the most comfortable and natural paper-like writing experience yet.

Product Details

Boogie Board’s Blackboard was created with technology that writes with absolutely no lag or delay. The 8.5” x 11” product resembles a tablet although it is noticeably thinner than most tablets and even other Boogie Board items. There is nothing to turn on, plug in, or charge so it is ready-to-use from the time it is removed from the box. The dark screen isn’t actually black, it is semi-transparent allowing writers to electronically write on any document, photo, map, or even digital screens that they place behind it. In fact, the item even comes with some grids (dots, lines, grids, columns, etc.) for these purposes which are ideal for collaborative editing, designing floor plans, tracing, planning, and writing over templates.

Blackboard writing

Blackboard writing shows up very clearly on the dark surface.

Pros and Benefits

The Blackboard is very lightweight so it is easy to transport. It’s large enough to enable you to engage in writing activities such as making notes, lists, sketches and more, but it’s still small enough not to be regarded as bulky. It comes with a pen feature that is comfortable to hold and the “erase” button removes all writing promptly. The erase-lock is also nice for those of us who tend to accidentally erase when carrying or transporting the Blackboard.  Of all the items in the Boogie Board line, this one certainly writes the smoothest and the lettering comes out very clearly. Hence, it is my favorite addition to the series thus far.   Another benefit to the Blackboard is the app where you can easily save your work (whatever that may be.)  The app is free and easy to use and is available for iOS, and Android.

Cons and Drawbacks

Although the Blackboard app is really nicely done and intuitive, it would be nice to “save” what you’ve written with a simple push of a button on the Board itself.  But the biggest drawback for me is the lack of color options of the “Liquid Crystal Paper” since the writing can only appear in a light-greenish-yellow hue.  And even though it is pretty durable, keep in mind that the screen can also get scratched up. So, if you are rough on your technology like me, I suggest adding the $20 Blackboard folio which is great extra protection.  Also, water submersion is not recommended, but that really is no different than with most technology.

Blackboard essentials

The Blackboard comes with a pen and a number of charts that can be traced or used as writing guides.

Fun Additional Ideas

The Blackboard is great for lists, doodles and more.  The ease of use makes it ideal when playing games. It can keep score, notes for Clue, and even display Pictionary sketches that can be easily erased when the round or game is over. This is very helpful to players, and a great way to cut back on the use of paper and thereby “go green.” For more great ideas on how to use the Blackboard, check out this video.

Final Recap

The Blackboard by Boogie Board retails for $45, and is available on the Blackboard website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples and more.  To learn more, visit the official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Blackboard saves paper

Using the Blackboard enables people to use less paper and help the environment.