Dolls are timeless toys that remain popular throughout generations. Some dolls are male and others are female but a company known as JC Toys is now giving children the option to get both a boy dolls and a girl doll in the same box via their “Twins” set by the Berenguer Boutique doll line.

Product Details

The two dolls 15” in this set are soft and cuddly. Their bodies are fabric but their head, hands, and feet are plastic. Their blue eyes have depth that make them seem alive and, when the dolls are laid down, their eyes close. Their pursed lips can actually fit and hold a pacifier and/or bottle. In fact, the set comes with twelve pieces so each baby gets a blanket, a bottle, a pacifier, and a pair of shoes. They also each come wearing adorable outfits–one pink and one blue, of course–with a cute elephant emblem on the legs and soft hats. When the little caps are removed, the baby dolls look like they have a little bit of brownish-blonde hair on their heads.

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The “Twin Dolls” by JC Toys are very cute and realistic.

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Pros and Benefits

These dolls are very cute and their faces look soft and pleasant, not as hard and seemingly creepy as some plastic dolls can come across as being. Their soft bodies make them easy to hold and so children will likely bond with them faster than a stiff plastic doll. They are also durable enough to be able to withstand being taken out and about and their clothing is removeable which makes it easy to wash. The shoes fit the dolls perfectly as do the pacifiers and bottles. Yet what really sticks out is the attention to detail on the hands and feet. Each doll has little fingernails and toenails and they even have realistically lined feet. They also have very soft and delicate eye-lashes that match the suggestion of hair on their heads, which is a very nice touch.

Cons and Drawbacks

My biggest gripe with these dolls was the shoes–why does the boy doll come with white shoes instead of blue? The blankets, bottles, and pacifiers offer one pink and one blue option, so I cannot understand why the shoes are pink and white rather than pink and blue. Another minor drawback is that both dolls are actually identical. The only thing that distinguishes the boy from the girl is the colors they are wearing; the actual dolls are made from the same exact mold so there is no difference in features between the genders. That said, most people simply associate a blue-clothed baby doll as a boy and a pink-clothed baby doll as a girl, so in that way these dolls suit their purpose perfectly.

Twins, Dolls, Toys & Games

The “Twin Dolls” come with a number of accessories in pink and blue hues.

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Fun Additional Ideas

The presence of twins can lead to many conversations. For instance, your child can create different personalities–and specific likes and dislikes–for the boy and girl doll which can lead to discussions about how even twins can be very different. Another fun game could be naming the dolls, especially if you chose “matching” names such as “Nicole” and “Nicholas” or “Lucille” and “Luke,” etc. Giving them birthdays and making up birth certificates will also be a fun activity to explore.

Final Recap

Overall, this is the best set of “Twin” baby dolls that I have ever seen. They are cute, detailed, and come with an array of accessories that will certainly add to the imaginative play that children will derive from them. I cannot recommend these dolls highly enough for children who enjoy playing with dolls and lack a set of twins in their collection. The Berenguer Boutique ‘Twin Doll’s by JC Toys retails for approximately $40. To learn more, visit the official JC Toys website. To purchase the dolls, visit this Amazon link.

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