Sand art is a long-held arts and crafts traditional but a company called Faber Castell has truly put a twist on the trend by convincing sand with paint to create a textured 3D art experience.  This fun art set offers quality art materials and step-by-step illustrated project instructions.

The sand is already infused in the paint making it ready to be used right from the box. The set includes five different colors of sand paint, twelve watercolors, five art creation boards (three blank boards and two resist design boards), texture tool, palette knife, paint brush, loose sand and twist top containers to mix your own colors of sand paint. A fun, tactile art project with fully illustrated instructions.

The kit works as advertised and makes 3D sand art pictures with guided and blank boards for a completely open-ended activity. It has detailed instructions that are easy to follow and the colors are vibrant. Recently product designer Meredith discussed the creation of 3D Sand Art and her hopes for its future.

Faber Castell

Beautiful three-dimensional artwork can be made using the kit.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you initially get interested in art and how did that turn into designing art kits?

Meredith: I’ve always loved to draw and to express myself through pictures. I understand there’s lots of people out there who also enjoy the act of creating and I’m very lucky to be able to develop kits that others can use to explore the wonderful world of art.

MM: How did you come to work with Faber-Castell?

Meredith: After going to college for art and design, I worked at a toy store for a while. One day a team from Faber-Castell came in to demonstrate some art materials, which I loved! After that initial meeting, I was asked to be part of their team as a sample maker and then as a product developer!

MM: 3D Sand Art is a brilliant idea, how did you come up with it?

Meredith: Thank you for the compliment! Exploring new ways to use classic art materials is something we challenge ourselves to do. I was trying to create a tactile dimensional material that was different than anything I’d ever seen. I went through a long process figuring out just the right balance of paint to sand, then finding a bottle that would work, and finally it happily all came together!

MM: How different was the prototype to the finished product?

Meredith: The prototype was much looser in consistency and had a shiny finish. The container I was using was basically a bag with a hole cut in it. I’m much happier with the finished product and hope to develop more colors and versions of sand paint.

MM: What are some of the coolest creations you’ve seen people make with the sand?

Meredith: We have relationships with very talented artists that have created some wonderfully colorful and dimensional characters as seen in the photo attached taken during Toy Fair back in February. My favorite sand art to create are beach scenes with sand castles!

MM: What sorts of reactions have you gotten about the product?

Meredith: The reactions are absolutely wonderful. People have been very positive because of it’s ease of use and sensory qualities. Awards received include the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio- Gold Seal and the “Best New Kids’ Product” at NAMTA 2018.

MM: Are you planning to evolve this line and offer more sets? For instance, what colors might you expand into?

Meredith: With the popularity of the sand painting it would be great to come out with some fun new pastels and possibly neons.

MM: Is there anything else that you would like to mention?

Meredith: As a developer, I always enjoy seeing the kits I’ve helped create being used. For all of your readers, I would like to extend the invitation to share your creations with us here at Faber-Castell.

* * * * *

The “3D Sand Art” kit is for ages 6 and up and retails for $18. To learn more, see here.

 Faber Castell

The “3D Sand Art Kit” comes with five beautiful colors.

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