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A Compassionate Community That Helps Families With Special Needs

Cerebral Palsy Family Network is an organization with a mission to provide medical and legal resources for families and their children with cerebral palsy. Communities unite to help parents and children of cerebral palsy families.

Resource Link: cpfamilynetwork.org


Exclusive Parents Conference for Twice-Exceptional Kids

My friend Julie Skolnick, an International Expert on Twice-Exceptional Kids is presenting an exclusive conference on 2E.

Most of you already know Julie as an expert speaker at our exclusive Special Kids International Summit presented by Kidskintha & UNESCO in April.

The Let’s Talk 2e conference brings together a  global audience of parents, educators and clinicians to help them UNDERSTAND gifted and twice exceptional learners is our goal, along with EMPOWERING them through KNOWLEDGE to effectuate change at home, in the classroom and in the clinical office.

The Parent Conference launches Wed, August 19, Thurs, August 20, and Fri, August 21 and then remains evergreen. Attendees enjoy 24 hours free viewing followed by the opportunity to purchase an “All Access Pass” that gives them free gifts, audio files as well as an opportunity for live Q/A with speakers in October.

Register HERE!

Dyslexia Training Program From True Literacy

My friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Hart, an international dyslexia expert and founder of True Literacy, is working to bridge the gap with the Dyslexia Training Program, designed to help parents, educators, and learning specialists understand the science and signs of dyslexia. 

The Dyslexia Training Program is a self-paced, online program that offers a variety of learning modules, accessible any time and from virtually any location. Each module covers a specific topic related to dyslexia intervention presented as recorded discussions with Dr. Michael Hart, supporting videos for additional explanation on key points, and a list of recommended research papers and articles for continued learning.

The first three learning modules are now available online and are being offered, free of charge, to the first 50 registrants through this exclusive partnership with Kidskintha.


Adhbhuta Experiential Learning Platform

Adhbhuta Online School is a learning platform that provides programs for children of all ages. Adhbhuta is an experiential learning platform that engages children in weekend as well as weekday programs with unique portfolio documentation for children that allows parents to be more conscious about their parenting and facilitates the mapping of a child’s learning patterns.
Children’s skills, talents, interests and passions are documented throughout their growing years so a continuum of growth and development is created in a personalised manner for each child. Adhbhuta also offers their programs to alternate schools and learning centres across India. 
Check out their various offerings HERE!

Feature Image by Prateek Katyal from Pexels.com