The creator of “Relative Insanity”, Jeff Foxworthy is one of the most famous comedians in America. His family-friendly “redneck” shtick has made him a household name for decades. Jeff loves to find ways to make people laugh and, in 2018, he partnered with a game company called Play Monster to create a hilarious card game titled “Relative Insanity” that is suitable for people ages 14 and older.

Product Details

“Relative Insanity” was inspired by “Cards Against Humanity” yet tailored to be much more family-friendly. The set comes with 500 cards: 100 of them are “Setup Cards” that contain sentences such as “When my brother brought out his new baby to show the family, Granny blurted out…” The other 400 cards are “Line Cards” that feature possible responses to the Setup cards such as “Somebody took a trip to the land of bad decisions” or “FREEBIRD!” The object of the game is for one player to select a single “Setup Card.” Then, everyone selects seven “Line Cards” and picks the funniest one of their seven cards to offer the person who selected the “Setup Card.” Then, each one of the “Line Cards” will be read out and whichever one elicits the most laughs when paired with the “Setup Card” is considered the winner. The first person to collect five “Punchline Cards” wins.

Relative Insanity

“Relative Insanity” comes in a bright yellow box.

Pros and Benefits

This game is very, very funny. The laughs that each round produces means that everyone is a winner, not just the person whose card is selected as the “funniest” answer for a particular “Setup.” Given the raw number of cards, you can play this game hundreds of times and never get the same combinations.

Cons and Drawbacks

The only true drawback to this game is that it is not suitable for very young children. That said, the box makes it clear that this game is intended for people ages 14 and older. While kids around 11 or 12 could handle it, the sexual and/or drug-related references on certain cards are not suitable for anyone younger. Another possible drawback is that some of the cards–while quite mild–could possibly be considered offensive to certain individuals, so make sure that this game is not played by the overly-sensitive.

Relative Insanity

“Relative Insanity” cards.

Fun Additional Ideas

Although this game is considered best when played with between four and twelve people, it can also be played by yourself. Anyone will get a giggle from reading these cards and constantly picking new options/answers for the “Setups.” This game is also a good way to bring up stories about your own relatives and the funny and/or bizarre tales that star your own family members.

Final Recap

“Relative Insanity” retails for $24.99. To learn more, visit the official Play Monster website. 

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Relative Insanity

“Relative Insanity” was created by comedian Jeff Foxworthy.