The pandemic has changed the learning game and several parents are concerned about the evasive grasp on their child’s learning with online lessons. Notwithstanding the lack of face-to-face interaction with teachers, parents are also concerned about their own competence and time commitment to teaching their children effectively.

This week, our guest at Chaiversations is Ritika Subhash. Ritika Subhash is the director of schools with Mangahigh – a UK-based mathematics learning platform. She is a passionate proponent of the conscious use of technology to make the best kind of learning possible through the medium for children. She is also a children’s book author and a mother to a lovely 6-year-old boy!

Watch this talk as we discuss:

  • What causes Math anxiety? As against English or other subjects?
  • How to modify our communication with children to avoid building math anxiety in them.
  • Suggestions on the choice of words to make math approachable.
  • What do timed tests have to do with early onset math anxiety?
  • World-class math resources:
  • The history of math
  • The role of schools
  • Mathematical mindsets
  • The cone
  • A Brief History of Mathematics