When Marion Donovan earned a patent for the first disposable diaper in 1951, instead of instant success, she encountered rejection from the manufacturing industry that was a men’s bastion. Like every invention that truly helps people, the disposable diapers for babies caught on like wildfire. Today, diapers are a must-have in a baby’s kitty for over 80% of the world’s population.

During the first months of their lives, the baby will poop and pee almost all day long. A major part of the first few years of parenting involves just changing their soiled diapers. Over the years, the disposable diaper has seen tremendous improvement – with the sole aim of increasing comfort for the little wearers and by consequence, the convenience index of their parents.

The latest product to join the pantheon of innovative diaper technology is the R for Rabbit Feather Diapers. Diapers come with a unique challenge- they need to absorb moisture, but also be able to wick away the moisture almost immediately to keep the baby’s skin dry and rash-free.

Here are 8 reasons to adopt the R for Rabbit Feather Diapers for Babies:

R for Rabbit Feather breathable diapers
It lives up to its name: Just like a feather is soft, extremely lightweight and super thin, the R for Rabbit diapers incorporate the same features. With over 10 million breathable pores in the diaper to allow for rapid drying, the diaper focuses on super air ventilation for the skin.

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Leak-proof: The million pores notwithstanding, the diaper is designed for leak-proof wearing. The diaper comes with a technology that allows for all the air circulation through the pores but locks the moisture in.

Super Soft: Due to their feather-like texture, the material is super-soft that makes them chafe-proof for the baby’s skin. The porous material keeps the diaper thin and wieldy, doing away with the uncomfortable chunkiness that babies have to carry at their bottoms.
Tested for super sensitive skin: The diapers have undergone a range of tests – chemical(parabens, latex, phthalates, chlorine) dermatological, absorption and fragrance sensitivity to ensure that the diapers are good for super-sensitive skin.

Disposable baby bin: To live up the hygiene game, the R for Rabbit feather diaper comes with a ‘hygo-bin’. A hygienic, lightweight, small bin that incorporates a one-tap smart-top and a leak-proof garbage bag. It also comes with a carbon filter to absorb the odor. The hygo-bin also ensures that the diapers are disposed of separately without mixing with the rest of the garbage at home.

12-hours absorption: Because the moisture is locked in efficiently while keeping the diaper light and free, parents can enjoy nights that are uninterrupted by ‘diaper-service.’ This is a boon particularly for skin types like my daughter’s that are easily prone to allergies and rashes, even for a slight delay in changing diapers.

Snug Fit: The Diapers come in a variety of sizes – XS which is Tape Style diaper and rest all sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL which are in pant style diapers to ensure babies have a super-snug and comfortable diaper experience.

Made in India: Finally, the biggest reason to support the brand is that it ‘R for Rabbit’ is a homegrown, sustainable lifestyle brand that is trying to innovate for the unique needs of babies and toddlers- and their parents.

Its time to be #VocalforLocal.

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