The pandemic and the lockdown has brought us face to face with a new reality: remote work. Time management is everything, but sometimes it seems impossible. If you work from home, there is a good chance that family and work will overlap and intermingle.

All of us have heard of productivity tips for efficient work, but it takes paramount importance for parents at this time.

Parents often have to adapt to a new working regime and cope with children who, perhaps, expect the same attention from them as they work. So how do you find the right balance between work and raising your children through your journey of motherhood?

Here are 5 Productivity tips for working from home effectively

Demarcate work and home timings

After years of working in the office, working remotely will seem extremely flexible. One can go to her “office” in pyjamas, and moms can feed their baby during a video conference. However, not having a set of boundaries in the place of your work can affect motivation and productivity. It would be best if you stuck to a consistent schedule and habits. Start work at the same time every day, wear clothes that seem to boost self-confidence, take regular short breaks, as you would if you were in the office.

Make motivation easy

It is true that what your colleagues cannot see, they cannot appreciate. When working remotely, make sure you send small, clear messages that your commitment and professionalism are consistent. Please do not neglect to reply to their emails in time, showing them that you are present at the right time. 

Even when you are working in a job that does not require so much communication with your co-workers and offers you more flexibility, try to deliver the projects on time. An example of flexible work from home is the provision of voice over services. Many mothers have turned to this activity, using their expressiveness and correctness of speech to produce content in all forms of media. This particular way of working allows them to set their own work schedule at home and at the same time for they undertake the upbringing and supervision of their children, receiving a reasonably fair salary.

This profession allows them to practice it from the comfort of their home using a basic recording and mixing equipment. Several voice-over agencies such as Voquent constantly offer new career opportunities to those women who can contribute their services and join the multi-experienced of the company.

Schedule hours to talk on the phone or video conference, according to the time schedule of the baby or children in general that keep them busy, so they don’t interrupt your business conversation. These hours can be either early in the morning or late at night.

Configure your working space for efficiency

Please pay attention to the configuration of your work environment and configure it so that it makes you feel professional, focused, and dedicated to your work activities. Also, find a way to ensure privacy during critical phone calls with partners or clients. You have to believe that the look of your space will significantly affect not only your overall mood for work but also your own productivity.

Upgrade your tech skills

Smart use of technology can maximize your efficiency. If your home printer is not as fast as your company’s offices or you are emailing and making phone calls while everyone else in the office is communicating via Slack, for example, you definitely need an upgrade. Ask for help from the company’s IT department or your close friends to start using new technological tools and software that will save you some valuable time during your work.

Talk about your work to your children

Children have difficulty understanding the world of business. And it makes total sense of course. But even very young-aged children can hear you when you tell them with fondness: “mom works but from home, and we can only do things together when she’s done”. In this way, you convey the values of hard work and responsibility while showing your love for your children without ignoring them. So explain to them in such a way that they will be able to understand you.

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels