Pregnancy bells mean the official onset of the shopping spree for the new minion joining the family. Almost all of the pregnancy goes into organizing the baby essentials (postpartum essentials), from nursery to the crib, clothes, bathing products, and so on. The excitement multiplies with each passing month. Very often, in that bubbling anticipation, the soon-to-be mama tends to overlook the mini bag of postpartum essential supplies that she will need to ensure her journey with her new baby is off to a smooth start. 

Once the baby arrives, he needs all the love and tender care that you can bestow upon his tiny body, and so does the exhausted mama who has gone through the massive ordeal of childbirth. A happy mama means a happy baby, so our goal is to equip the mother with all that she will need upon the arrival of her little angel. 

Here is the postpartum essentials checklist for new moms: 

1. Nursing bras or Nursing tanks 

Nursing bras or tanks is the first product on our postpartum essentials list for new moms. Whether you have a natural birth or a caesarian section, your breastfeeding journey will start almost immediately post-delivery. The baby will be put to your chest for the colostrum (a highly concentrated form of breast milk that contains immune-boosting properties for your newborn), marking the onset of the magical journey of breastfeeding.

The long-term companion for a breastfeeding mama is her nursing bras or tanks. Stock up at least 5 to 7 feeding bras to ensure you have backups if your breasts start leaking. 

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2. Loungewear and comfortable clothing 

Your postpartum essentials checklist must include clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident. It will take a while before you can fit into your regular clothes. The postpartum period requires a separate pile of clothing, so invest in comfortable pants and t-shirts. Moms who choose to breastfeed will need to buy front open clothing, both for day and nightwear. 

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postpartum essentials list

3. Postpartum belt

Postpartum belts are a must-buy for all women. Pregnancy stretches out your muscles. Postpartum belts provide support to these muscles post-delivery. It doesn’t get more comfortable than Importikaah postpartum 3-in-1 girdles wrap, which comes with three bands that can adjust with velcro straps to provide just the right amount of compression. The belly belt wraps around your stomach and helps restore abdominal and mid-level muscles; the waist belt fits around your waistline and helps to flatten the abdomen, redefine the waist and relieve back pain; the pelvis belt facilitates the transition period of the uterus and reduces it to normal size. The Importikaah postpartum 3-in-1 girdles wrap is made up of breathable and comfortable material and comes in different sizes.

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4. Water bottle 

It’s essential to stay hydrated after birth, so invest in a good bottle that will remain by your bedside at all times. Breastfeeding mamas, keep hydrating yourself to ensure you have a well-established milk supply. Also, do keep a variety of healthy snacks by your bedside that you can consume at all times.

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5. Nipple cream

Sore, cracked, and painful nipples are a part of the new mom’s world. Most mothers will experience uneasiness in their nipples at some point. Keep a good nipple cream in your stack of supplies so that you can apply it when they get tender or painful.

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6. Nipple shield 

Sometimes the infant takes a little while to get used to breastfeeding. This happens when he is having difficulties in latching onto the nipple. In such scenarios, a nipple shield is used to assist the baby in developing the knack of breastfeeding. Nipple shields should be considered a short-term solution and should always be used under the guidance of a lactation consultant. 

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7. Diapers for mama 

Bleeding after delivery, vaginal delivery, or caesarian section,  is inevitable, and mamas need to have a really good supply of pads. The duration of postpartum bleeding may vary for all moms. These pads are not your typical maxi pads. Look for overnight or postpartum-specific pads. Stock up on comfortable postpartum underwear and pad liners as well. Please do not use tampons or menstrual cups immediately after delivery. There are bacteria present in the (lochia) discharge, and if you block it with a tampon or menstrual cup, it could push bacteria back up into your uterus and cause an infection.

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8. Nursing app 

Nursing apps allow the mom to note everything about their baby. Apart from the duration of feed, frequency of feed, and the charts that reveal the day’s feeding schedule, you can record your child’s sleep patterns, milestones, and many more. It’s the new mom’s modern-day encyclopedia that charts your child’s growth from day one. 

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9. Nursing pillow

Do add a vibrant nursing pillow to your postpartum essentials supplies. If you have chosen to breastfeed, a nursing/feeding pillow is an absolute must. This pillow reduces the pressure off your back and neck and ensures you have the correct posture while you breastfeed. Sit in a comfortable position before you breastfeed. Always correct your posture to avoid serious back issues. 

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10. Baby wrap/carrier

Babywearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or another form of carrier. It has been practiced for centuries around the world. Babies long to be close to their mamas. Babywearing is a loving way to hold your baby and allows you to enjoy hands-free parenting. 

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11. Stool Softeners

The first bowel movement post-delivery can be quite painful. Your body is recovering from the shock of childbirth, and stool softeners can provide immediate relief and prevent constipation, which otherwise can be quite painful. Most doctors prescribe stool softeners for patients.

12. Frida Mom Peri Bottle

For the first week or so, peeing can sting down there, especially if you have stitches. The Frida mom peri bottle has an angled end so that moms can pour warm water to reduce the stinging sensation without having to bend awkwardly.

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13. Cooling Pad/Heating Pads

TendHer Reusable Cooling Pad is a reusable gel pad and is ideal for postpartum recovery. These pads are also designed to stay flexible even when it’s frozen. They fit in your underwear without any bulkiness. If heating pads bring comfort to you, then immerse this pad in hot water, and it stays warm for up to 30 minutes.

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14. Sitz Bath/Herbal Bath

Sitz bath, a therapeutic bath, can be done in a bathtub or in a shallow washbasin that fits snugly over a standard toilet seat. It is recommended for moms for their postpartum care to help heal tears after a vaginal delivery, chronic constipation, sore pelvic floor, and hemorrhoids.

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Our list goes beyond the hospital bag essentials for new moms. It covers a wide spectrum of postpartum recovery products. We are certain that our postpartum essentials kits will equip all mamas for their unique parental journey. Happy Parenting, and remember You’ve Got This!!

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