PLAYMOBIL’s “Take Along Haunted House” is one of the best Halloween-themed toys to hit the market in a very long time. Detailed yet compact, multifaceted yet lightweight, it is s Playset that is sure to delight kids who have a love for all-things-horror.

Product Details 

The “PLAYMOBIL Take Along Haunted House” offers a spooky and fun experience for children between the ages of four and ten. Although the house looks abandoned, it is the lair of a mad scientist who is mixing up a new potion in his lab, while a vampire awakens from a deep slumber inside his coffin. Watch out for the large spider descending from above or the mice scurrying along the floors below. Set includes scientist, monster, and vampire figures, desk, potion bottles, quill, spider web, torch, coffin, skull, lantern, and lots other accessories. Moreover, there are three extension sets featuring a total of six extra horror-themes characters who can visit the scientist in his lab. The extension sets are a Mummy and a Grim Reaper, a Witch and a Werewolf, and a Vampire and a Zombie. Note that although the two vampires (the one from the haunted house Playset and the one in the extension pack) look similar, they are dressed differently.

Pros and Benefits 

This set is beautifully detailed as is standard with PLAYMOBIL toys. It takes only about a half hour to set up the first time an, from there, will take less than five minutes to assemble. The details on the vials, jars, beakers, and spell-book are enchanting and the background stickers and stand-in construction paper backdrops offer an excellent, detailed, illustration. Designed in a convenient take-along case, this set is perfect for on-the-go fun. Simply open the two sides and fold down the floor plates to reveal a spooktastic haven. Likewise, the set can be easily folded up and carried about; compact and lightweight.


PLAYMOBIL released nine figurines in this “Haunted House” series.

Cons and Drawbacks 

This set is truly fun and extremely befitting of Halloween. The only true drawback is that the set only comes with three characters so the additional six figurines in the set must be purchased separately via three extension packs. Also, while most horror characters are featured, there is no ghost, skeleton, or monster mutant featured. However, these are minor complaints. It is difficult for a fan of horror to find anything actually “wrong” with this wonderful set.

Fun Additional Features 

This set is an excellent way to introduce kids to the classic stories and movies that feature characters such as vampires, zombies, witches, werewolves and, of course, mad scientists. It’s a fun way to anticipate the coming of Halloween. This set is also fantastic for stop-motion animators of all ages.

Final Notes 

The “Take Along Haunted House” retails for $39.99 and the additional expansion sets retail for $5.99.

To learn more, visit the official Playmobil website.


The “Haunted House” playset closes up into a compact and easy-to-carry kit.

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