Personalized gifts can brighten a dull day, turn frowns into smiles and simply make you realize that you are deeply loved and cherished. Today the oomph factor in the gifting segment can be displayed with a touch of personalization. 

This segment has attracted thousands of players, and many have successfully carved their niche. Competition is booming, and so is the revenue! The increase in disposable incomes, worldwide digitalization, and accessibility to e-commerce through the tiniest of smartphones has made the expensive stamp of personalization affordable and attainable.

Social Nomad, a digital media agency with its roots in the hustling Mumbai city, has diversified its portfolio to harness the exponential potential of the personalized gifting segment and received an overwhelming response for each new product. This brand can create your logo and your website, build your social media presence, and provide quirky stationery to match your brand’s image as well. 

This week, Kidskintha got talking to Mandeep Dialani, the digital media guru and the founder of Social Nomad. Her inspirational journey of building a company one brick at a time highlights her exemplary entrepreneurial skills. Today Social Nomad resonates with personalized products and attracts customers worldwide with its array of digital media offerings. 

In conversation with Mandeep Dialani, the founder of Social Nomad.

Hello Mandeep! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Please take us through your journey up until you started Social Nomad.

personalized gifting

After completing my MBA in marketing, I joined my family’s manufacturing business. After marriage, I did a short course in graphic designing and learned software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc. It was this experience that made me realize how much I loved designing. This sparked the beginning of my creative career.

Please shed some light on the beginning of Social Nomad.

Six years ago, a friend and I started Social Nomad. Back then, we worked with small businesses that wanted to build their social media presence. When my partner moved cities, I decided to focus on the graphic and design elements and broaden our array of services and products. 

I started customizing stationery for friends and their children. I also took up the opportunity to design wedding cards for close friends. The whole process, from conceptualizing to designing, the back and forth, the endless brainstorming sessions, and finally the assembly of the final look, excites me to the brim! As work picked up momentum, I hired a small team. They have been with me through these years and have seen the growth of Social Nomad.

How would you describe Social Nomad? What is the USP?

Social Nomad is a full-service digital media agency that creates and manages your brand in today’s digital world. We provide personalized stationery, graphic design for banners, e-commerce sites, etc., and social media marketing. 

Simply put, Social Nomad is the hub of customization. We provide off-beat, fun, vibrant, and quirky designs on anything you want. Our products range from child stationery, adult stationery, wrapping papers, folders to wedding cards. We have done caricature wedding cards, illustration wedding cards, and even doodle wedding cards. We are also heavily invested in the customized branding segment. 

At Social Nomad, we promise to transform all your creative ideas into reality seamlessly. I always tell my clients – if you can visualize it, we can make it happen. 

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personalized gifting

Personalized Children’s Stationery by Social Nomad


What products did you start with, and how did you diversify?

Social Nomad started with digital products such as birthday invitations, baby shower invitations, and birth announcements. We then moved to physical prints with stationery and wedding invites. Each product that we added to our portfolio got a fantastic response. We scaled to astronomical heights purely with the love and compassion of our clients. It was their word-of-mouth publicity that uplifted our brand and launched its success story. 

How was the start of your entrepreneurial venture? What was the most challenging aspect of starting your own business, and how did you overcome it?

We began our customized business one product at a time and then steadily scaled it up. Creating the product wasn’t a challenge. I knew the brand had a lot to offer, but it was the marketing that proved to be the most challenging. 

I had my first baby within two years of starting Social Nomad. Juggling the newly acquired motherhood role coupled with this entrepreneurial venture was exhausting. My team stepped up and helped me a lot during this time. 

According to you, how has the stationery and gifting segment evolved over the years?

Owning personalized items isn’t the focal point of this industry anymore. Now the focus is gifting with a personalized touch. Over the last few years, personalization has revamped the gifting space. 

How has your family supported you throughout your venture?

My family has been my biggest source of motivation and support. They have given me an office space right under my house. This has eased my work life and allowed me to manage my children and business effortlessly. 

Who would you categorize as your competition? How do you manage to sustain yourself in this competitive personalized gifting segment?

We aren’t competing with one company in particular. We provide a host of customized products, so brands that make wedding cards to stationery vendors all categorize as competition for us. I feel it’s necessary to have competition in any field. It pushes you to work harder, innovate, and be on the top of your game every hour. 

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What are your chosen streams of advertising and marketing? Which one has worked the most for your personalized gifting segment?

For us, word of mouth has been phenomenal. We’ve experimented with everything – advertisements on Instagram, sponsored advertisements, influencer marketing, etc. Reaching out to gifting companies has also helped a lot as well. We help them make personalized hampers or just add dollops of personalized items in their gift hampers. 

personalized giftingWhat does your typical day look like as a working mom? How challenging has it been for you to be a mompreneur?

Honestly, I feel I am blessed. Working while raising my kids hasn’t proved to be very challenging for me. My mother lives close by, I have great help at home, and I also have my rockstar work team who I can rely on at any given time. I try my best to stick to a routine, but there are days where I spend more time at home and some days more time in the office. Every working mom needs that flexibility. I have people who are willing to help, and all I need to do is ask. I am incredibly grateful for this support system. 

How does Social Nomad support the Vocal for Local campaign?

We are a small organization run by women only. We work with graphic designers all over the country. Our printing is done in-house. We are incredibly proud of hiring and working with Indian talent only. 

What advice would you give moms who want to start their ventures?

It’s essential to ask for help when you need it. And please take the help that you’re getting. It’s teamwork that makes the dream work. Just go for it. 

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