“PAW Patrol” is one of the most beloved preschool television series and has introduced a number of fun and interactive play sets and vehicles similar to what is seen on the show. One of the newest offerings in the line is the “Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck” which was just released for the Spring of 2019.

Product Details 

Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck

The Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck by Spin Master.

The Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck is a bright yellow, sturdy, manually operated vehicle that comes with lights and sounds. The fully equipped dump truck comes with a Rubble figurine. Press the PAW Patrol badge at the top of this truck to activate flashing lights and sounds, knock down obstacles with the swinging wrecking ball, and pick up heavy objects with the front scoop. Kids can place Rubble in the cab and have him swivel the crane or use the side scoop to lift and remove objects. The moving dump bed can be used to carry heavy loads and the mini steam roller can be detached for smaller missions.

Pros and Benefits 

This truck is very sturdy and comes with batteries included so it’s ready to be played with right from the time it exits the box. The playset has room for six figurines—each of the pups—and features several nooks and crannies that will keep kids entertained for hours.

Cons and Drawbacks 

Although the truck has room for all six pup figurines, it only comes with one. While the manual play option is definitely good for motor skills and dexterity, there is no way to make the truck move remotely; it is also a bit bulky which might make it difficult to store. That said, these are minor issues and overall this is an excellent addition to the “PAW Patrol” line.

Fun Additional Ideas  

The Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck is a toy that will absolutely appeal to fans of the show. It is also a good way to start conversations with children about real life construction vehicles and the science and engineering behind construction projects. Hence, although firmly rooted in entertainment, this toy could be used as a foundation for intelligent conversations.

Final Notes

The Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck retails for $34.99. To learn more, see here.

Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck

The Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck comes with a Rubble figurine.

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