“PAW Patrol” is one of the most popular preschool television shows on the air and, in honor of the series, Nickelodeon and Spin Master recently teamed up to release a new playset called the “Ultimate Rescue Ultimate Fire Truck.” The highly detailed truck comes with one pup, firefighter Marshall, but has room for all six characters. Recently, Spin Master sent me this awesome item for review purposes.

Paw Patrol

“Paw Patrol” is a very popular TV series among preschoolers.

Product Details

The “Ultimate Rescue Ultimate Fire Truck” comes equipped with two batteries so it’s ready to be played with right from the box. It features red and yellow flashing lights, several siren sounds, and wheels that enable the truck to roll along at the will of the child playing with it. The firetruck is also loaded from front to back with multiple moving features to complete any rescue operation. With one motion, you can pull up the cab and it becomes a lookout atop the two-foot tall swiveling ladder. Launch three water cannons under the lookout and one more from the rear of the truck to put out imaginary blazes. The truck is lightweight and folds down compactly even though the playset itself is on the larger scale (it’s the biggest toy to date from the “PAW Patrol” line). The set also comes with a smaller car that is neatly stored in the truck and a hose that can be pulled out and attached to the car. The toy also features a cool working claw arm that can assist in rescues.

Paw Patrol

The firetruck’s ladder can extend a full two feet!

Pros and Benefits

This truck will certainly keep children’s interest. The fact that it comes with two batteries is a huge bonus since it enables children to play with the toy immediately. The many bits, pieces, and features in this toy will certainly make it fun and enticing for fans of the show. The lights and sounds are also very nice features that will grab youngster’s attention.

Cons and Drawbacks 

This playset proudly advertises the fact that all six pups can fit in the firetruck. However, it only comes with one pup meaning that parents will have to purchase the other five separately to complete the set. Likewise, this entire truck only moves when pushed and is not operated by a remote control.

Paw Patrol

The firetruck can easily fit all six pup figurines although it only ones with one–Marshall.

Fun Additional Ideas 

This playset, like the “PAW Patrol” series in general, is an excellent way to teach children about the important work that real life firemen, policemen, and other rescue workers do on a daily basis. By playing with the truck, children can learn about the features of real fire trucks and how they protect society from fires.

Final Notes 

The “Ultimate Rescue Ultimate Fire Truck” by PAW Patrol retails for $59.99 and can be purchased at most big box stores. To learn more, visit the official Spin Master website.

Paw Patrol

The firetruck offers a lot of opportunities for fun and play.

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