The fragile petite fingers and toes, those innocent eyes peeking through rosy puffed-up cheeks, the bobblehead, and the warmth of the fragrant wrinkly soft skin!! O, the enchanting beginning of a new life.

The turbulence of emotions, unpredictable situations, and the deafening chaos, sums up the animated journey of every new parent. Parenthood is a journey like no other. It is swaddled with bursts of precious moments that disappear in the blink of a tired parent’s eye!

We asked a few mothers to shed some light on their offbeat learnings as they witnessed the joys of motherhood. Read about their first-hand experiences and learnings through their parenting quotes. (hint: from potty to breastfeeding to postpartum depression, it’s all right here!)

unique parenting quotes

Presenting the 14 Best Parenting Quotes of All Time:

The Picky Eater

  • “My son was a thin baby, and I wanted to make him a round chubby ball. I tried to force-feed him, hoping he would gain weight, but it always backfired and resulted in diarrhea. This triggered the unending doctor visits. I learned it the hard way that every child has different eating habits, and this was just another unique addition to the blossoming personality of my baby” – Benu Seth

The Explorer

  • “I’ve realized that babies enjoy tantalizing their tastebuds with every single object within reach. Now, I’ve stopped giving her the pleasure of a loud reaction and turning this into a fun game. Raising my daughter during a pandemic has had its own set of challenges. She is yet to have the opportunity to experience the outdoors and enjoy playtime with her peers. So I do my best to bring the outdoors to her through sensory play.” – Payal Vakharia 

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The Favorite Parent

  • “Nobody ever told me being a mother means you have to forget how amazing it feels to be sitting alone in the bathroom with the door locked. My boys come banging on the door, asking for attention, while I’m in the shower and…. dad is sitting right on the bed” – Ranjitha Dias

The Quick Learners

  • “What amazes me the most is that kids are such quick learners. Within three to four days of repetition, they pick up the concept so well and don’t forget it. I learned to nurture my daughter’s curiosity. I let her smell, touch, express, jump, climb, fall, bathe in mud and explore everything under the sun. She bewilders me with her limitless power.”  – Anu Arora 

The Parenting Gurus

  • When I had my daughter, I realized that everyone is a parenting expert. Even women who don’t have kids know everything about the world of babies – they advise you on feeding, wrapping, playing, and what not! I learned to tailor everything to suit the needs of my family. After all, nobody knows my baby better than me! – Shweta Seth

The Poop Story

  • I never knew I could be a mama who is so obsessed with poop! My daughter has always struggled with constipation. This meant that I had to be overly attentive to the times that she did pass motion. I can now write an essay on her poop and get an A+ on it! – Ranju Sheopuri

Breastfeeding All-Powerful?

  • “It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that I couldn’t breastfeed my baby boy. I tried all the home remedies, but it never worked for me. Somehow I ignored his cries of hunger, thinking its colic until we realized that he was underweight and wasn’t getting enough breast milk. I should not have given breastfeeding the paramount importance at the time and be more open to formula milk” – Kashvi Kapoor

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The Nervous Mama Syndrome

  • “When I got my son back from the hospital, he developed a fever. I was a nervous machine, and I didn’t know what to do, so I sat and cried for hours. The doctor prescribed crocin, and my newborn baby was good again. I didn’t know my strong personality had a reflection of bundled nervousness.” – Suruchi Dhandha 

Unleashing the Multitasker 

  • “Within the first month of having my baby, I went through a whirlwind of emotions. Parenting unboxed my multitasking talents that I never knew I had.” – Ritika Bharany 

Postpartum Depression and Breastfeeding

  •  “Breastfeeding doesn’t come as naturally as you think! Breastfeeding is hard. Another truth is the onset of postpartum depression. While breastfeeding, depression creeps on you like a cat creeping up on a bird. Love and support for new moms are essential. We’re now 22 months old and still blissfully breastfeeding, but there are shadows of postpartum depression that surface from time to time.” – Jolyn Menezes 

The Boy Battle

  • “Raising boys is like climbing a hilltop every single day. I am on repeat for most of the day giving instructions to my young ones. There are some days of sunshine when they act maturely and take care of me with their warm cuddly hugs. Parenting has taught me a lot, especially how to dive into my ocean of patience every day!.” – Esha Kapoor

The Never-Ending Whirl 

  • “The journey of raising my daughter has been full of surprises. The first four months felt like a complete blur, with new issues sprouting every day and night. My journey of exclusively breastfeeding my angel has been very exhausting, and the best part is I never know if she is full after her feed! I never knew that a repetitive routine could result in a receptive and happy baby. The twist to raising a child is… just when you think things are working and settling down, the next day will bring another burst of surprise, and it will all be different again!!”  – Neha Khandelwal 

Love With A Twist

  • “I didn’t know I could experience postpartum depression. My daughter has occupied the space that once belonged to my husband. It’s been one year, and nothing has changed. I love my daughter, and I am aware that I’ve become extremely possessive of her. She has become my source of warmth, love, and comfort, and I cherish this bond every day.” – Fellow mom.

Tiny Joys

  • “The day I was heading back to work, I remember the surge of insecurity that overtook me. I didn’t want to be an absentee parent and miss all the lovely milestones. The first time I saw my son walk was on a video sent to me by my nanny. It pinched my heart to have missed his ‘big moment.’ When I returned home, my son walked those steps to come and greet me, fell back on his bottom, and clapped for himself. That instant stirred up a pot of emotions within me, and it felt as if he had walked for the very first time! No one can ever replace the warmth of a mother. My son always comes to me when he gets hurt or is tired or sleepy, or.. when he needs to be cuddled” – Shradha Gupta

Welcome aboard the animated parenting ship! What was your parenting experience like? Pen down your own parenting quote and let us know! 

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