Paint Like Franz Marc

Author – Geeta Dharmarajan

When the world is horrified by the fact of over half a billion animals wiped out in the recent Australian bushfires, Katha Books has a beautiful way to start conversations about the animal kingdom with young and impressionable readers.

This book has a collection of the famous German Expressionist painter Franz Marc best known for his brightly colored paintings of animals. It comes with a set of stunning paintings by the artist.

Nudging creativity through empathy

Franz Marc Paintings


The book’s collection of paintings comes with some pithy one-liners prompting the reader to pay attention to important aspects of the paintings, especially the emotional aspect of it. For example, a question like, “Is the white bull sad or angry?”  serves as a gentle nudge to notice the facial expression and notice the body posture of the animal.


Would you like to paint like Franz Marc?

Paint Like Franz Marc ends with some practical advice through to children on learning to paint, express and connect with Nature like the famous painter. But it’s not just a set of random dos and don’ts but a set of systematic steps for young artists to try their hands at. This book is sure to be among the favorites of young visual learners- with their bright colors, evocative questions – the book is sure to stay on their bedtime reading list for a long time.

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