Easter is here, and the occasion has come to be associated with a lot of fun, especially easy Easter DIY art with children. Here are our top 5 picks for Easter DIY Art & Craft activities from around the world. 

All our Easter Art DIY activity picks from around the world are super innovative, simple, and beautiful. 

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Little Crafties

These 10 videos from Little Crafties demonstrate papercraft activities that are simple, creative, and very easy to make. These DIY activities cover all Easter-related decor and are the perfect start to the artsy Easter Sunday.

One Little Project

These handprint bunnies are very cute and they’re so easy to make!! This is just simple construction paper. Trace a handprint and make these bunnies for Easter or anytime. This is a fun activity to entertain kids and requires minimum supplies!

Easy Kids Craft

Making this bobblehead bunny requires no time at all but can keep your kids entertained for a long time. Once the festivities are over this bunny can become a part of your child’s room decor.



This paper plate Easter craft for kids is a fun project for Easter or springtime! Download the free printable template and make it with preschool, kindergarten, and elementary kids or at home.

Paper Luv

Want to learn how to make Easter Baskets in not time? Check out these baskets(  they can be made not only for Easter but for other events too)