Teaching students in the wake of the coronavirus has been daunting for everyone in the education industry. Luckily, a wealth of tools for remote learning has made it a bit easier for both teachers and students.

But what about assessment and grading? That’s perhaps even more challenging. How will you know your students aren’t cheating on tests when you’re not actually there?

There are plenty of online test maker tools you can utilize to create tests and quizzes and prevent cheating. Here’s a roundup of our favorites, in no particular order.

The Top 9 picks for online test maker tools:

ProProfs Test Maker

ProProfs Online Test maker tool

ProProfs Test Maker is a cloud-based test creator for authoring online tests with automatic grading and scoring. It’s very time-saving, user-friendly, customizable, and secure.

You can use it to make a test from scratch, or choose from a template library of 100k+ pre-built tests. Apart from customizing the look, you can also personalize online test results. The results are instant, and you can provide immediate feedback for each question.

There are 100+ security settings for protecting data and preventing cheating. There are also insightful reports and analytics, which you can download in various formats.


Typeform Online Test maker tool

Typeform also excels as a test maker. It lets you create quizzes (with lots of ready-to-go templates) for boosting learner engagement, as you can make them very interactive and fun.

You can add visuals and GIFs, as well as branching scenarios and logic jumps. You can also use a calculator feature to display different questions based on the students’ scores. So, once a student reaches a higher score, you can present more difficult questions, for instance.

There are many other smart logic features, making this tool very interesting and useful.


Easy testmaker- Online Test maker toolEasyTestMaker is yet another great online test generator. It lets you easily make tests, grade them automatically, and create exams from your existing tests.

There’s also a Question Pools feature, which randomly administers different question sets from your entire question bank to each student. That way, you can prevent cheating.

As the name suggests, it’s a very easy-to-use tool and supports all question formats.


TestMent is an online exam software solution that comes with online test modules, in-depth reports, and a question bank for Testment- Online Test maker tooleasily creating tests. You can also upload questions from MS Word, and import and export data in Excel files.

There’s a user-friendly student panel, where your learners can see their test results, reports, and feedback. There’s also a discussion forum, which can come in handy before and after the tests.

TestMent also has an Android app that students can use to take their tests and access reports.


Testmoz-Online Test maker toolTestmoz is a simple yet very powerful test creator with plenty of useful features. It lets you create and customize your tests easily, adding videos, images, math equations, and other necessary files.

You can create question banks, randomize questions and answer choices, combine quizzes to make a test, set time limits, limit the number of times students can take a test, and much more.

Grading is automatic, and the results are very comprehensive. Once you have the responses and scores with detailed reports and stats, you can provide feedback to students for each of their answers. You can also adjust their scores manually.

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QuizCV-Online Test maker toolDon’t let the “designed for enterprises” part on the QuizCV website draw you away from this great online test maker tool. Just like businesses use it for remote teams, teachers can also benefit from it. After all, they, too, administer tests and quizzes to lots of people.

With QuizCV, you can create tests, exams, and quizzes, enrich them with images, randomize and group questions, set time limits, and more.

Once your students complete the tests, you instantly get detailed reports that you can export and send to students with just a few clicks.


SpeedExam- Online Test maker toolWith SpeedExam, you can also easily make online tests and assessments. It has all the features you’ll ever need – uploading and exporting data, making and monitoring tests, making certificates, analyzing test results, printing the reports, and more. You can even monetize all your exams.

The best part about this tool is its cheating prevention features. If a student minimizes or resizes the browser, opens new tabs or apps, takes screenshots, or uses the copy-and-paste function, the exam will terminate.

You can set the number of times a student can resort to such behavior before the exam terminates, sending them only a custom warning message.

Exam Testing

Exam Testing is a very intuitive online test maker tool for creating and grading online exams and assessment quizzes. It also features a test maker Exam Testing- Online Test maker toolfor helping your students master the learning material before assessing them. They can take practice quizzes, tests, and exams anytime to study and get a feel of their finals.

You can monitor the tests in real-time on any device, generate detailed reports, and customize certificates.

Exam Testing is yet another excellent tool for preventing cheating in tests. It prevents students from using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V functions, as well as taking screenshots and using the print screen button.


QuestionPro- Online Test maker toolQuestionPro is actually an online survey tool, but you can use it to assess your students’ knowledge between tests and final exams. They can serve as mock tests that let your students see which topics they may need to work on more.

It has dozens of question types and settings to choose from, allows full customization, and provides real-time reports and stats. It also lets you add branching and logic, which is ideal for more effective assessments.

Have you found your favorite online test maker yet? You can’t go wrong with any of these. They offer free trials too, and some of them a free demo, so be sure to take advantage of those to make the right decision.

What’s Your Best Online Test Maker Tool?

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So, those were the best online test maker tools for teachers during the coronavirus pandemic. They’ll not only help teachers ensure a smooth flow of learning but also reduce their burden in general. 

Most of these test makers share a few common features, but each one is unique in its own way and functionalities. 

So, don’t let this pandemic stop you from rendering the best learning experience for your students. Choose the tool that best fits your teaching needs and get going.