Kids are inherently curious to explore everything under the sun. When parents become catalysts in this self-learning process, these activities can turn into hobbies and be nurtured from an early age. 

Keeping the kids positively occupied over the Pandemic year has been a tiresome task for all parents. With summer vacations and the absence of online school, every parent is on the hunt for the ideal online platform that will engage their child and keep him happily ‘edu-tained’ (education and entertained) over the holidays!

We have finally found a platform that offers a wide variety of activity classes for numerous extracurricular activities for kids. Yellow Class, is a free platform that conducts online hobby classes for kids. This array of indoor activities will relieve you from the stress of having to experiment with several tutors and summer camps that match your child’s personality and interests!

Online Hobby Classes (Live)

online classes

In order to promote self-learning in kids, Yellow Class offers Live classes daily, along with various Free Certificate Programs.

The online hobby classes include offerings on:


Dance is all about expressing your inner self. Children improve mobility, bone strength, and cardiovascular health when they enroll in this class. The excitement, entertainment, and oodles of fun always complement this dance class!

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Calligraphy focuses on improving the writing style and developing a good sense of style on paper. This helps improves presentation skills as well.

Art and Craft 

Art and craft activities are always fun and stimulating for kids. These classes allow their creative hands to translate their imagination into reality. 

Online Classes

Logical Reasoning 

This focuses on tapping into the inquisitive mind and forcing kids to reason out the whys, hows, when, and why not!

General Knowledge 

It is imperative that children are aware of their surroundings and keep themselves informed of the latest happenings. This class gives children the confidence to become conversation starters!

Yellow Class offers many more online kids activity classes that will surely benefit your child in many ways! 


online classes

Stories have the power to transcend you into another world. The wonderful land of stories tends to ignite a creative spark while improving language skills and forms of expression.

Keeping the importance of storytelling in mind, Yellow Class provides many bedtime stories and podcasts – ensuring every story and its experience is fun and memorable for your child. 

Online hobby classes with World-Class Mentors

online classes

Yellow Class has the best teachers in every field. A teacher can make a dull story interesting and a difficult problem an easy one! The onus of successfully teaching these varied skills lies with the teacher. Yellow Class helps children reach their true potential with the best teachers in the industry.

Interaction and Real-Time Solutions

Yellow Class understands that the young learners are bubbling with questions. They resolve all queries on the spot during online classes. The live online hobby classes are designed to have adequate interaction with the child. Real-time solutions do not leave scope for unclear instructions and misinterpretations.


Self-learning inculcates curiosity in kids. Yellow Class offers many online classes for kids to enhance self-learning by helping them adopt new hobbies. The exhaustive course options on Yellow Class make this online platform the ideal choice for parents and children. 

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