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Ananya asked me for one more mug of hot water while bathing this morning, and I denied her the same. Stating it was late, we shouldn’t waste water and I have work to do, etc… But after having said what I said, I realized that it was a simple cup of water. Made me think on how many times I would have hogged on that extra sweet or chip or anything else for that matter. Only fooling myself on that extra bit! I felt so horrifyingly ashamed after denying Ananya of such a simple thing (which means the WORLD to her!) and told myself that kids don’t ask for stupid things.

They ask for interesting things. Hot water bath was interesting enough for the morning, when a kid of 7 years had to get up early in the morning, prepares for the day to attend school. She deserves a big hug and a kiss for my mistake and which is what she would get this evening…