The girls were sleepy from the exhausting ride the previous evening. We reached the proverbial ‘grandma’s home’ two hours behind schedule. Thanks to the hyper-smooth roads and the super-adventurous two-wheelers who show us a glimpse of real magic by appearing out of nowhere. They come in sight only when they are dangerously close to us or  their silencers are out of work!

Early morning Suprabhatam started for the kids. Our mythology can really help us in ways myriad! One of our unforgettable characters is Kumbhakaran. We think of him every morning when the girls make us wonder if he took his avatar again on this earth for a DOUBLE ACT for more impact !!! Cooing, cajoling, bribes, threats, water, butt smacks, hmmpphh no move!!! Finally dragging them out of their beds and into the loo helps…where the saga continues. They try nodding off on the loo but discover for the umpteenth time that it is nowhere close to comfortable. Reluctantly they move on the next step…brushing with their eyes closed..

Finally they are awake enough to register this, ” We are heading out to a real river for a river bath. Cauvery!!!”. Hurray!!! Am relieved because now I can see some self-propelling happening. Change of clothes is now being debated! excitement reaches new levels!

Rockfort and Cauvery

We stopped the car by the river bank and there was the graceful, yet mighty river. The water teased our ankles… she is authoritative yet mellifluous. The rivers somehow have that charm… That unexplainable calming effect!

The girls are reluctant to get into the waters… yet we relaxed as we watched the grandfather firmly but gently pull them into the river. Ananya took easily to it. Ameya reminded me of a cockroach that would just wait to be released to start crawling back to safety. Yet, she could not resist the gentle prodding by both grandpas and she began to let go. Other bathers joined in the prodding and finally they were totally by themselves in the water…with grandpa’s gentle guidance

The paternal grandfather

The maternal grand father

Now there was an unexpected challenge! Once they got a taste of the waters, they just wouldnt leave!!! And they brought in the reluctant mother too!!! It was a delight. Many years (around 15, I must say) since I took a dunk in the river… She quenches all the thirst in one’s mind… She is the eternal mom and now she was playing with her new kids (our girls) too!!

Mom and the girls

Cauvery the enchantress… We shall come back!