Calvin and Hobbes

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Now that school has started, here’s another challenge.

Ameya, on her part invariably forgets that she has school the next day. And, of course, all about homework that comes with school too.

So, here’s the typical scene.

Me(sifting through her books)- Ameya, do you have homework?

Ameya: Yes, ma. Coloring homework.

And then, her ears are tuned out while she is arranging and re-arranging those new crayons; her new book; selecting which shades and then finally done with the coloring homework!

Me: What other homework do you have?

Ameya: Amma, Can you please draw this peacock for me? I want to make a gift for Appa. Surprise. Please don’t tell him about it!

Me: Ok…We’ll do it after your homework.

Ameya: Amma, this peacock here( pointing to a picture book that I bought when she was 3 months old). I told my drawing teacher to draw it, but she said I should try it myself. Amma, please, please, can you draw it for me?

Me( After looking through all her books for teacher-marked homework): Did your teacher tell you to do anything at home??

Ameya: Amma, please draw it fast.

Me: Did she say anything else? There is nothing in your books.

Ameya: Amma…I told you, I don’t have anything. Please draw fast.

Me: Ok, fine.

And, then the peacock comes out in all splendor…and the gift is given to the dad with pride and kisses and hugs!

And there’s dinner and the reluctant bed time and the morning yelling to stop the day-dreaming and start the potty and the brushing…

And then we are all set to leave for school, finally!

Ameya picks up her bag and suddenly is in tears,” Oh! I didnt do my homework.”

Now, she is hugging my knees, her face buried in my thighs, desperately seeking a solution..” What should I do now?”

Me: It’s OK…which one was it?

Ameya, ” Call my teacher and tell her I didnt do it.”

Me: Which one was it?

And then, she suddenly cheers up. She has a solution. She runs back, picks out a book and plonks it on the sofa.

“Amma, I am not taking this book to school!”

With the crisis behind her now, she is off- as happy as ever!