As parents, we are always looking for endless opportunities to give our children access to the best resources and opportunities. We know from experience that whatever skills they pick up through their childhood, can only be optimized if supplemented with great communication skills. Among the highly recommended 21st century skills, are the skills to learn a new language fast. Learning fluent English is right at the top of this list. NOVAKID helps bring fluent skills in a fast-tracked manner to Indian kids.   

In a country like ours, where multilingualism is extremely natural, learning a new language like English is still aspirational because it is seen as a language that bridges the gap across borders and boundaries, and can be key to mastering 21st-century skills needed. Not just this, but science supports the fact that learning multiple languages can boost cognition, boost brain power and even help prevent dementia later in life. 

According to research, here are three important components required to learn a new language: 

  • Face-to-face interaction: Learning languages is a function of learning through interaction with real-life human beings. Though language can be picked up by passive methods( like television, etc), active learning happens when there is real-time feedback and interaction involved in the learning process. And yes, online interaction also works. 
  • Learning to use the language in context: Learning a language involves skills that will help negotiate meaning with other speakers, especially native speakers because it allows us to learn the embedded social and cultural contexts. Regular interaction with native speakers is the only way to catch the nuances of a language- to pick up grammar rules in an informal manner. Interpersonal and community contexts are crucial to picking up the right use of language constructs. To learn a foreign language, finding a good online language learning resource can give you access to different language constructs in an organic and natural manner. 
  • Starting early: If there’s one thing that is enviable about children, it is the effortlessness with which they pick up accents and nuances of the language. Young children don’t learn a language – they acquire it. Children have a better ear for different sounds and can pick up native accents with astonishing speed.

Most learning has adapted to the online mode, and thankfully, online language learning has proven to be a very effective method for honing language abilities. While there are many platforms and apps for picking up other second language abilities, NOVAKID is an online platform that seems to have cracked the formula to bridging a foreign language learner and a native speaker through the online medium by incorporating all the 3 components of language learning mentioned above. 

What NOVAKID offers to help kids learn fluent English: 

  • Deploys native language teachers:

Having a talk in a native language is easy, but to talk in a foreign language is a challenge in itself because you need to think in a language to be able to speak fluently in it. A child learning a new language needs interaction with someone at the fluency level that allows them to learn about context and meaning in such a natural manner that it helps them think in English. 

Also, conversing with a native language speaker helps them pick up the nuances of language pronunciation, making it easier to achieve the fluency and smoothness of a native speaker. 

NOVAKID addresses the challenge by having native language speakers teach the language, helping the child to develop the skills to communicate with native language speakers frequently, thereby building skills and confidence quickly. 

How to learn a new language NOVAKID

  • Keeps distractions at bay:

          Online learning can be distracting and task-switching drains attention. Research suggests that the focus window for an individual, including children, is only 25 minutes. ​​One of the simplest and most effective things to keep the focus on tasks for short bursts of time is called the Pomodoro Method, developed by a grad student who was trying to come up with a                  better way to study. 

            Francis Cirillo decided to set a kitchen timer, work in short segments with short breaks and then repeat until his studying was done.  He chose 25 minute-blocks, with five-minute breaks. After 3-4 Pomodoros (25-minute sessions), he took a longer 20-30 minute break. It worked so well he wrote a book about it. The book has sold over 2 million copies now and this technique has been applied as a neuroscience-backed productivity technique by millions of people across the world. 

NOVAKID leverages this neuroscience principle behind staying focused and offers their sessions for individualized learning, in short, energetic sessions of 25 minutes each, which keeps the child from getting distracted and overwhelmed. 

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  • Provides an immersive learning experience:

    NOVAKID offers TPR in their sessions- short for Total Physical Response, aimed to keep the kid engaged and active throughout the sessions with complete involvement. To achieve this, NOVAKID instructors use physical body movements to convey meanings and introduce words and their use.

  • Incorporates gamified learning:

    Research points out that children learn faster and more independently when they are assisted by gamified learning. Math and STEM are areas that deploy gamified learning heavily. NOVAKID deploys gamification to meet the student where they are and help them advance at a comfortable pace. They are challenged just the right amount to continue learning without getting discouraged. 

  • Provides a flexible learning schedule:

    NOVAKID offers a range of flexible learning options that parents and children can choose from these offerings to suit their needs and availability. They can also choose difficulty levels as per their current requirements. NOVAKID meets them where they are.

 Note: Novakid regularly offers promotion and special rates for new and existing customers. Check out their website ​​ and Instagram to find out.

As of now, you can get 2 individual lessons of English for 75 rupees only!

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