As a new parent, you quickly learn the importance of quality clothing. For one, we go through a lot of clothes, and secondly, the baby isn’t exactly in a position to explain the discomfort with uncomfortable clothing. My daughter came in winter, and we had to experiment with changing her entire baby gear from baby blanket to bed, to the clothes she wore, to figure out what caused the rashes on her tender, rounded cheeks. Baby clothes sit right next to your little one’s skin, and you don’t really want harmful chemicals on their skins. 

That is why we’re excited to bring you NinoBambino, India’s flagship organic baby clothing brand that makes clothes from 100% organic cotton, certified from the farm to the finished product for kids and babies from 0-3 Years. 

NinoBambino is an organic baby clothing brand founded by Vickram Kumar that started off with brick and mortar stores and has predominantly catered to the international market. 

To cater to the Indian market, the brand tested the waters by collaborating with aggregator online baby products like FirstCry and BabyOye. The brand has now launched its own online store with a collection of the best baby organic baby clothing for Indian consumers. 




Traditional cotton farming starts with genetically modified seeds (GMO). They are modified to build resistance towards bugs, which requires more pesticides over time. Ninobambino’s organic cotton is produced using 100% natural seeds so there is no use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals touching your baby’s skin. 

“With an increase in the number of chemicals used in the farming process, the cotton which is processed into fabric tends to cause skin irritation and problems. Children have extremely sensitive skin, and the use of organic cotton baby clothing reduces irritation. Even the buttons we use in the clothes are nickel-free,” – Vickram Kumar, founder, NinoBambino.

Ninobambino organic baby clothing


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8 Things we love about NinoBambino Organic Baby Clothing Products

  • The brand’s attention to detail is evident with things like the double jersey zipper threads to make the clothing softer, thick, and stretchy. It also provides a zipper puller protector gusset at the crotch of the garments that make it easier for wearing diapers.
  • The material becomes softer with every wash.
  • The brand provides a wide and classic range of products- nightgowns and other accessories for newborns like mittens, booties, swaddles, blankets, and many more. The products are comfy, safe, and super-light. They also guarantee that repeated use does not fade the colors on the products, making them long-lasting.
  • The colors are warm and comforting, and the products speak to the motto of ‘friendly from seed to seam.’

Ninobambino Organic baby clothing

  • Products are free from all the harmful elements like nickel, lead, and others and undergo repeated safety checks.
  • All garments go through needle detection to ensure additional protection. 
  • Engages the services of seasoned technicians to create comfort-fit garments.
  • Lastly, you don’t have to sell a kidney to be able to afford these clothes.  We are pumped about the super affordable price point, starting from Rs. 299. It’s a steal considering that even organic food products cost triple the normal range of food products. 
  • In a simple line, ‘Sustainability meets affordability’.

Check out NinoBambino on Facebook and Instagram. We know you’ll love these products just as much as we do.

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