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Hindu mythology is one of the more tricky topics to explain to children. A few years back, when I was narrating the vamana avatar to Hiranmayi:

Me: And so, Lord Vishnu as Vamana kept on foot on earth, another foot on heaven and the third on Mahabali’s head.

H: Amma, why did Vishnu ummaachi (God) not keep in Venus or Mercury or the other planets ?

He could have kept on them, there was space there…

Me: 😐



krishna balarama

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It was the season of dashavatar story telling…

Me:  You know all the avatars of Lord Vishnu now isnt it ?

H: Amma, that’s all fine. But I dont think Balarama is Vishnu ummaachi’s (God) avatar.

Me: Why ?

H: How can 2 avatars exist at the same time and how can Vishnu be his own brother ?