My hubby andmy 6-year old  daughter were having a serious conversation last night. They went over a lot of topics together but this one is really worth a mention…so, here goes.

Hubby: How do we know taste?

Ananya: Actually, our brain will tell the tongue that its yummy…

Hubby: Oh is that so? But then if its brain telling it, then what does the tongue itself do?

Ananya: The tongue is there to receive the message…actually there are many other uses for tongue also….

Hubby: Oh…i thought is used for tasting and speaking…

Ananya: Many other uses also….

hubby: what other uses?

Ananya( after a whole minute’s silence that involved hard thinking): Its used for saying, “ullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll” also….( sticking out her tongue to tease…)

Ananya explaining the various uses of tongue!

Bellies bursting with laughter…