Moulin Roty is a company from France that has gained traction in specialty shops across the United States. Moulin Roty, imported exclusively to the US by Magicforest® offers an array of playthings such as stamping kits, plush toys, and wooden play sets. Among their offerings is”Dans la Ville”,a striking collection combining graphic design, architecture and toys for children ages two and up by French artist Aurélien Débat.

Consumers and retailers new to the Moulin Roty brand may only know that it is a “French” brand, but the lush line is renowned for its use of the finest French fabrics and materials. In fact, Moulin Roty represents forty years of dreams and playfulness. Moulin Roty is very proud to be a worker-owned cooperative, putting quality, creativity and excellence first in their mission to create the best quality toys for children everywhere. Importer Magicforest® has likewise been delighting shoppers and storekeepers for the past fourteen years with its wide selection of Moulin Roty baby, toddler and childhood playthings.

The Moulin Roty stamp sets include an array of offerings, such as a “construction” themed series, that enables children to create construction-themed images piece by piece. Essentially, the sets retail for between $25 and $30 and come with a highly-pigmented red ink well and an equally well pigmented blue ink well. Each stamp includes a part of construction machinery (a latter, wheels, a digger, etc.) that children can assemble by stamping the pieces together…occasionally, you can even achieve a purple hue by overlapping the inks. This set is useful in teaching children about layering and planning.

Moulin Roty is also well-known for their lovely soft plush toys. “Les Petits Dodos” (translation: “The Small Dodos”) is one of their plush lines with a new collection of four characters: Moon the Cat, Oko the Fox, Nin-Nin the Rabbit and Ninou the Mouse. “Moon The Cat Lovey” is a little plush toy and tiny blanket combination that is perfect for infants. The charming comforter has a square, flat jersey body that’s grey on one side and pink and brown strips on the other. It also has a loop with a Velcro strap. Moon is wearing a pink hat and has sweet kitten whiskers. Best of all, she’s machine washable—as are all the offerings in the line.

The toys created by Moulin Roty are certainly high-quality and thereby higher-end and more expensive than many other companies. However, their attention to detail, use of safety-conscious materials, and quaintly unique characters is unmatched. Thus, if you’re looking to give a loved one a truly nice and likely long-lasting present, it’s wise to check out the official website of Moulin Roty: or buy them online in the USA on Moulin Roty‘s official US online store Bonjour petit.

Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty creates many cute plush toys, stamping sets, and wooden toys.

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