Are you looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift for 2021? Finding the perfect present to fuel the celebration of Mother’s Day can be a challenge. After all, what can you possibly give the woman who has given you everything? 

Now, more than ever is the time to celebrate Mom and highlight the value of what she means to you. While the dangers brought forth by COVID-19 may necessitate a change in plans from your usual Mother’s Day activities, there are ways to show you care while doing everything possible to stay safe.

Whether you’re buying for your mom, your wife, or a woman whose guidance and support helped you along the way—it’s the thought that counts. 

Here are seven thoughtful gift ideas to inspire you for Mother’s Day 2021…

A Floral Arrangement – The Evergreen Mother’s Day Gift

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a floral arrangement. Pick up a gorgeous bouquet for Mother’s Day 2021 with brightly colored spring flowers. This simple-yet-effective gift is something you can order last-minute, send from anywhere, and leave it to the experts to arrange the bouquet into something your mom will love. 

If your mom is someone who prefers live plants over florals, that’s a great option too. Many florists now offer potted plant options as an alternative to a fresh-cut bouquet. Look for hardy succulents and leafy fronds that can withstand the elements and don’t require too much attention. Be sure to purchase a stylish pot that suits your mom’s style and decor preferences. Don’t forget to incorporate a Mother’s Day card with a cute Mother’s Day quote to accompany that fragrant floral arrangement.

mother's day gift

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mother's day gift

A Photo Memory Book

DIY Mother’s Day gifts are always cherished and treasured. Create a custom photo memory book. There are endless options for creating a lifelong memory with this simple DIY gift option.  

Start by sorting through your treasured memories together, selecting your favorite photos. Use these images to create a highlight reel of your best moments and your favorite pictures of mom.

Take this gift to the next level by getting everyone involved. Have your siblings, kids, relatives, and family friends choose their favorite photos and write a note that you can give your mother or grandmother as a timeless gift. 

Finally, celebrate mom by creating an heirloom cookbook and incorporating old family recipes, vintage photos, scanned newspaper clippings, and other treasures. Get creative and craft something unique.

mother's day gift

A Spa Day

Allow your mother to relax and get pampered with a spa day. Moms often sacrifice their time for everyone else, so giving her this chance to relax and unwind will be greatly appreciated.

Scheduling time together is one of a daughter’s greatest gifts for mom. If possible, book the spa day together and spend some quality time getting pampered. Look for a spa that offers full-day services with amenities in between— for example, a hot tub or steam room to use between appointments.

If a trip to the spa isn’t possible due to the Coronavirus, consider setting up an at-home spa day. Light some candles, play relaxing music and get everything she needs to pamper herself at home. If you must keep your distance, send everything she needs to set up this well-deserved break at home.

mother's day gift

A Self-Care Subscription

A unique Mother’s Day gift is subscription services. These are gifts that keep on giving. With their rising popularity, there are now subscription boxes for just about everything. 

Get your mom a subscription box that promotes self-care — whatever that looks like for her. This could be anything from a coffee or wine subscription to a craft or hobby box. If your mom struggles to disconnect and manage her stress, you can even get a self-care box created around mindfulness and stress management.  

Consider what experiences bring your mom the most joy, and choose a subscription box based on her personality. 

Mother's day giftA “Favorite Things” Gift Basket

If you can’t decide on the right subscription box service for your mom, create a custom “favorite things” basket instead. Pick up your mother’s favorite snacks and beverages. Add photo ornaments or artistic recreations of your favorite memories. You can add a book by her favorite author or a Spotify keychain with a custom playlist of her favorite songs. 

The joy of a favorite things basket is that you can add whatever your mom likes, making it entirely custom and unique. From her favorite beauty products to some new things you know she’ll enjoy, take your time and put together the ultimate gift.

New Skills or Classes

mother's day gift

Give the gift of lifelong learning with a new course or class that your mom can do solo or you can enjoy together. This class could be anything from fitness training to dance lessons to cooking to crafting. You can choose something she’s mentioned before or sign up for something new and exciting. Fortunately, there are endless options of online and virtual classes to engage in while staying safe at home.

When you surprise your mother with a class, the key thing to remember is to be mindful of her schedule. Be sure to check on her availability before you book anything inflexible. 



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mother's day giftA Getaway

Finally, when all else fails, you can always book a getaway. This could be a solo adventure for mom, a trip for the two of you, or a larger family experience. You may come to love this experience so much that it turns into an annual event.

If an international vacation isn’t an option on this Mother’s Day in India (due to the pandemic), consider becoming a tourist in your own area and booking a fun staycation at a local Airbnb. You can pair this gift with a virtual scavenger hunt to take you around various historical sites without having to enter public buildings or stick to more isolated natural surroundings. If you’re in a lockdown situation, plan for the future and focus on creating hope for better days ahead.

Final Thoughts on Mother’s Day Gifts

The best gift you can give your mother is the gift of quality time. Plan a Mother’s Day brunch with her favorite dishes. Do bring a bouquet to your Mother’s Day lunch, brunch or dinner. Remember, Mother’s Day presents will always be adored and treasured. That day belongs to your mom, so make it a remarkable one! And if being together in person isn’t possible, connect with thoughtful gifts and virtual gatherings. 


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