With the pandemic disrupting education, one demographic that has been caught in the crossroads is the early childhood segment. The children are too young to be taught on a virtual platform, parents needed to be involved full-time, and learning outcomes were really hard to measure. A preschool learning app has become an indispensable tool in the arsenal of early years parents. 

The early years are largely a time of experimentation and exploration for children. And along with them for the parents too.  Research shows that children learn best by imitation and go through an explosion in brain development during the critical first few years. Screen Time during the early years has drawn a lot of flak, but new studies indicate that using app-based learning for language and numerical skill development has beneficial effects on the child’s learning journey.

Check out Dr. Stephanie Gottwald’s talk at our World Early Years Summit to learn more about this.

However, early education requires certain training and expertise. Parents who are pushed into the role of a teacher need assistance. Identifying the pace and learning of the child, and hooking on to teachable moments when the child is most receptive to new concepts becomes critical.  

The Mindseed Preschool learning app solves exactly this problem. The app is designed to help with the hands-on learning of preschoolers while helping parents and teachers collaborate seamlessly on the preschooler’s learning journey. The app helps the adults to meet the child where they are to achieve learning milestones.

Here are some unique features of the Mindseed Preschool Learning App that help parents:

  1. The Learning Arcs are identified for each student:

    With young children, every interaction with the world becomes a learning moment, but the pace is different for every child. The Mindseed app identifies the pace and level of skill on the learning path of each child that tracks not just academic milestones but also maps executive function skills. They call these paths Learning Arcs.

  1. The learning plan is customized for each student:

    Based on the unique learning pace and path of the learner, the teacher charts out a personalized plan for the student to progress in their learning.

Learning arcs- Mindseed preschool learning app


Learning arcs

  1. Mindseed preschool learning app tracks a seamless learning path: 

    The app also enables the teacher to capture their moments of learning and track progress every day by capturing their ‘moments of learning’ and uploading it on the app.  This creates a ‘Story of Learning’ for each child. Each upload is tagged with a level on the learning arc that it pertains to. The story is shared with the parents for complete transparency on the child’s learning journey.

  1. Mindseed incorporates unique strength-building activities:

    One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional classroom-style learning is that every child is pegged against the same learning outcomes. The Mindseed app does a remarkable job of identifying the child’s strengths from an early age. A child who has a strong ability to grasp numerical skills is allowed to progress in this area without being head back for another child who shows a propensity for verbal skills. And vice versa.

  2. Parents are partners in education:

    Mindseed helps make learning seamless by designing for collaboration between parents and teachers. When a teacher uploads a moment of learning for a child, the system recommends a home activity for the parents to help the child progress on the activity learning arc. The App picks up this activity from a repository of over 1,000 ‘Do at Home’ activities that match the child’s unique place in their learning journey.

    strengthening unique strengths

The Mindseed preschool learning app helps us adapt to the learning model that the pandemic thrust on us, without compromising on the important and delicate fabric of connection between the parents and the teacher.