Yes, the future is unknown, but there is one certainty in tomorrow the dominant role of technology, innovation with digital design and coding at the heart, across all sectors! Knowledge, now a commodity available at everyone’s fingertips, has transformed the education system and dug up the need for creative, experiential, and application-based learning. 

Our children’s world is fundamentally different than ours. In many industries and countries, some of the most in-demand jobs didn’t even exist five or ten years ago — and the pace of change will only accelerate.

With the reinvention of technology every few years, our children need to be given the education to adapt to the digital age. We need to push our children’s creativity to the forefront and encourage them to think outside the box. Creativity expert Robert Epstein, a visiting scholar at the University of California, San Diego, recommends that teachers dedicate five minutes a day (15 minutes a week total) of class time to creative training exercises. Epstein encourages teachers to set aside a few minutes a day to allow elementary students to just let their imaginations run wild. He says, “There’s no greater freedom than the freedom of daydreaming.” 

“The only people who get paid what they’re worth are people who don’t follow the instruction book, who create art, who are innovative, who work without a map” – Seth Godin

The design and coding world is expanding rapidly. We need to introduce this digitalized tech arena in a creative, engaging, and attentive environment to our children. Parents must vigorously research the available options and shortlist the ones that will hone the child’s interest and capabilities. The right platform will sow and nurture the tech gene in your child and open an array of possibilities. 

Here are 10 reasons why MindBox is the platform of choice for 80,000 + customers and should be the Design and Coding Station for Your Child as well:

1. MindBox empowers kids with the 21st Century Skills of design and coding

Mindbox is a creative program that provides experiential-based learning to prepare students for the future. They teach children creative thinking as a subject, visual communication as a language, and use technology as a tool to break out of the standardized teaching process. This brings about a shift in thinking — from the consumer to the creator, from diagnosing the problem to generating a solution. 

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2.  MindBox is deeply rooted in the entertainment industry

With over a decade in the media and entertainment industry, MindBox has developed India’s best program on creative education. The parent company, ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd., is the most significant player for technology products in India for the media and entertainment industry segments. These include animation, gaming, film visual effects (VFX), graphic design, broadcast channels, and OTT Players like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, etc. 

3. Mindbox’s curriculum is aligned with all boards

MindBox curriculum is aligned with boards, including CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, and all state boards. The program is delivered inside 50 plus schools across India. It has a student outreach of over 100,000 plus from one to the tenth standard. Mindbox children get more out of their education by using experiential and output-based learning methodology.

4. Mindbox design and coding classes for kids thrive on project-based learning

Project-based learning encourages students to create solutions to real-world problems. STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, and Math) projects empower kids to become innovators, collaborators, and problem-solvers.

5. Mindbox offers Direct2Home live online interactive classes

If a child isn’t getting access to these courses in school, parents can enroll them in the Direct2Home learning program. Expert facilitators conduct these one-on-one live sessions. This setup accelerates the learning process for kids and makes them confident tech learners. 

6. Leading educationalists develop Mindbox design and coding courses 

Leading educationalists have meticulously developed these courses for kids across various age groups. The classes are creative and engaging and ensure that kids understand the basics and keep coming back for more.  

7. Mindbox gears your kid for his entrepreneurial journey

These design and coding courses (graphic designing, game designing, 3D design and animation, app design, web design with coding, and coding) will motivate your child to learn, create and invent. After completing the Mindbox course, many possible career opportunities open up for your children, like design thinking, illustrator, creative director, computer programmer, web developer, mobile designer, and digital design and beyond. Mindbox improves student’s lives by empowering them.

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8. MindBox awards certificates and professional internship

Apart from teaching kids the design and coding skills and techniques, Mindbox awards certificates to its students for each course that they complete. Internships allow practical application of the techniques learned and a chance to see the working of the real world. 

 9. Mindbox allows you to choose the duration of design and coding courses for kids and provides flexible payment plans

The courses offered range from one month to sixteen months. EMI payment options are available to ensure households across all income groups can avail of the Mindbox opportunity.

10. Kids get to participate in National Design Championship

Kids can take part in the national Design Championship. This competition shows their creativity in app design, game design, graphic design, industrial design, and movie making.

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