Out of all the millet breakfast recipes Indian loves, Millet Coconut Milk Porridge is the best. A simple dish loved by all ages, the flavor of garlic, fenugreek and coconut milk gives a wonderful flavor to the dish. For kids, it’s supposed to be a healthy breakfast and for adults too it has lots of medicinal benefits.

Millet Breakfast Recipes Indian | Kidskintha | Millet Coconut Milk Porridge 2Ingredients for Preparing Millet Coconut Milk Porridge

1. Fresh coconut milk- 1big coconut

2. Fenugreek-1/2tbspn

3. Garlic -3 nos

4. Salt- as needed

5. Samai or varagu- 120 ml (approximately normal tea glass)

Perfect Method of Preparing such Millet Breakfast Recipes Indian Style

1. Soak fenugreek overnight.

2. Take first n second milk from fresh coconut and keep aside.

3. In a cooked add rice, water, soaked fenugreek, garlic and cook till soft.

4. The way you cook for Pongal

5. Once the cooker cools down, mash the rice well.

6. Add salt and coconut milk n mix well without lumps.

7. Serve warm.

NotesMillet Breakfast Recipes Indian | Kidskintha | Millet Coconut Milk Porridge 1

1. Mix coconut milk only before you serve, don’t do it earlier it will affect the taste of the porridge.

2. If you want to make a single serve ..Then take the amount of mashed rice in a bowl add coconut milk mix and serve.(can do it this way too)

3. For kids use fresh first coconut milk alone.(it has lots of medicinal benefits)

4. For the first time try it with plain rice you will get an idea.

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