Reading for children has been known to provide some excellent cognitive advantages to the developing brain of the child. Finding the right books that are both exciting and relevant for a child can be an uphill task. Companies like Smart Kidz Club couple the excitement of learning with the leisure of reading along with the flexibility and control that comes with digital resources.  

This article reviews a few of those resources for children on Smart Kidz Club written by author and artist, Meagan J. Meehan. We believe this provides us with a good representation of the choice of resources available for children between ages 1 and 11.

Note: All of them are read-along books accompanied with stunning illustrations.

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Fact Books:

Resource Grade: Kindergarten

For Ages: 5 to 7 years | 3 to 5 years

One of the pleasures of raising a child is to watch the child unfurl themselves into the world. Here are a few of Meagan’s book on facts for children with an innovative way to help children so this.

Things That Are {Color}:

This is a series of books for young children getting introduced to colors with wonderful illustrations accompanying the most common objects around us with the colors.


Color Shades:  While most children might be already familiar with colours, this books introduces color groups to children.  

Other books in this category:

Animal Houses

Animal Groups

Mythical Creatures

The History of Carnival Rides

Jewels, Gemstones, and Birthstones

Holiday books

Resource Grade: Grade 4

For Ages: 9 to 11 years | 7 to 9 years

These are lovely stories that are based around holidays and celebrations.

Robert’s New Year Resolution: This book conveys an important message to children what while it is good to look for improvements in lacking areas, it is also important to like and appreciate who we already are.

A Valentine for Cupid: A story about finding gifts to warm a friend’s heart on Valentine’s Day.

Eire of the Dessert: A story about inviting not-so-common people to share stuff on St.Patrick’s Day.

An Easter Basket for Bonnie: A sunny story about making Easter a pleasure for people in a hospital.

Mother’s Magnificent Garden: A story about finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

Father’s Road Trip: How do the children find the best gift that can make their father happy?

The Hollow’s Eve Theater: A story about a bright girl, Miranda, and her friends and how they find a smart and creative way to wear their Halloween costumes repeatedly while earning respect and appreciation of their parents.

Daniel’s Day at the Thanksgiving Parade: A fascinating story about a little boy, Daniel’s day at his first ever Thanksgiving Parade in New York. 

Pet Presents: A story about discovering the joy of giving gifts. 

There are also books who proceeds go to charitable causes. 

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Books with charitable causes:

Grandpa’s Guide Dog: A book about an adorable grandfather who refuses to get his eyes checked and how an organization called “Guiding Eyes for the Blind”  guides him to do that.

All proceeds from this book go to Guiding Eyes For The Blind. 

The Parrot’s Sanctuary : A heartwarming story about Petey, a feisty hyperactive parrot, who can no longer be cared for by his ageing owner. A story that can be likened to the challenges of ageing and caring in the real world. 

All proceeds from this book go to  Long Island Parrot Society

Max and Roxy: While “fight like cats and dogs” is a phrase commonly used to describe people who can’t stand each other, this is a lovely story about a special unlikely bond between a dog and a cat. 

All proceeds from this book go to the ASPCA.



I’m A Poet…But I Didn’t Know It!: A wonderful story about a little boy who comes to realize, value and nurture his talent.

Odina’s Painting: A wonderful story about a girl and her love of painting and how her abstract art teaches her friends art appreciation and how to agree to disagree.

Lanassa and the Colorful Blocks: A story about how the simplest toys can be great fun!

Ginger and Galvin’s Garden: A simple story about how hard work pays off.



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