Maya Games is a toy company that is best known for producing Orbeez which have become sensations within the past decade. In 2019, the brand is expanding its line to include more board games that will retail for as little as $19.99. Two such games—“Fryin Flyin Donuts” and “Monkey Trix” are already on the market and noteworthy for their very unique styles of gameplay and ingenious designs.

Maya Games

Maya Games has released some really unique games recently.

“Fryin Flyin Donuts” is the latest hands-on game that is fun for the whole family! Every kid has an affinity for donuts and will love playing the swirling, twirling, frantically fun donut game. Simply throw your donuts into the fryer and be the first player to fly all your donuts into the baker’s box to win the game!

Maya Games

Maya Games are very innovative and introduce new play patterns.

“Monkey Trix” is a new and wacky game that makes a monkey out of you! Put on your silly monkey heads, draw a challenge card, and get ready to build your tower! The game starts once you chant “Monkey, Set, Go!” and the race is on. Be the first player to build your tower shown on your card. The first player to three cards, wins the game!

Maya Games

“Fryin Flying Donuts” is surprisingly challenging.

Both of these games are incredibly fun and surprisingly challenging. “Fryin Flyin Donuts” comes with a little fan and the “donuts” (which are lightweight plastic) tend to go flying in various directions, making the game challenging and the gameplay unusual. “Monkey Trix” involves putting on silly headgear and trying to pick up blocks using apparatuses instead of your hands—making the game tricky but also a lot of fun. While intended for kids, adults will certainly enjoy these offerings too.

Maya Games

“Monkey Trax” proves how hard it is to pick up objects without using your hands.

Ultimately, both “Fryin Flyin Donuts” and “Monkey Trax” are very original concepts that are worth purchasing simply for their creative design and different play patterns which are undoubtably unlike any of games in your collection.

To purchase Fryin Flyin Donuts” see here. To purchase “Monkey Trix” see here. To learn more, visit the official Maya Toys website.

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